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Jungle Assassin

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Destroy everyone that stands in your way. Stealth is the key to becoming a true Jungle Assassin!

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Nice but one life with one shot kills your adventurer ? I can't think of any game today that does this.

Combat system need refinements, there is no block, and you insta die

to hard

its not hard its just not enough wepons lol but it had good graphics and story

Need a little more.

While I like the game basically the only way you'll get this game to be fun is if you give the assassin a little range. I realize he's using a knife but having to get so close to your opponents makes it really difficult to swiftly move from one target to the next. It forces you to do things that feel a little unnatural to the whole "stealth killer" game type.


good game, liked the music and the graphics and the fact that you dont have to start at level 1 every time, but the game is soooo frustrating, its all about timing and nowing the movements of your enemies but it gets soo frustrating, you should have a health bar

good game though