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The Mazegame 1!

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This is my second game i have done more with it than the last. You use your mouse to get thorugh the mazes, to the ball but beware there are more balls so you also have to find the right one ;). And dont hit the walls!

Hope you like it and enjoy it.

And maybe if you like it i will make a number 2 just much harder :)

Update There was som bugs i fixed
+I added the ng loader :)
+ Add Level Buttom
+ Did so you start from the level you died in
+ Add secret Level find it!!!



well mabe if the mazes concepts were better, no multiple green dots. and the game did not present its self very well, and the music was just another head ache.

not to be mean but

i saw better maze. any maze that need the mouse to travel around are ether to hard or to easy (because people sheat) the best maze are the one were you use the arrow key to move and they should only have one objetive not a thousand (even if there were never a thousand end) + with arrow key you can make smaller passage and bigger maze making it funnier.

Tehstew responds:

Thats also what i'm planning on for the second version

Do you know?

Have you any idea how maze games work?
It should be simple yet fun to toggle with.
Firstly, no multiple goals, no "walls that don't kill you" stuffs like that are a major failure.
And secondly, make it CHEAT-FREE!!

theres too many maze games in this world!!!!!!!!!

nothing against author, but i do not appeal to maze games period.


not very good, having to restart if you stuff up is very irritating. in addition, having multiple circles but only one being the goal is just confusing and, combined with total restart makes for a very bad flash. maybe if these were fixed it could be better.

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Tehstew responds:

Thanks for the fed back i will make it better :)

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1.47 / 5.00

Oct 26, 2008
4:57 AM EDT
Skill - Other