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LL - Peace's Dream 3 + 4

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Author Comments

Happy Ban Day!

Ban Day is a new Lock Legion holiday. If you are an active member and don't submit a flash on October 25, you get banned! How long? Who knows!

Anyway I decided to finish up my current work-in-progress, Peace's Dream III + IV. The intentionally kiddy art style reflects the state of your mind whilst slumberingfdgblahbfhdfuck you


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its random! just like the internet!

not the best but it suffices especially since im not to familiar with your work, but its really funny none the less.

I loved peace's family the most but that was probably the only part I LOL'd at i was LI ing through the rest. good work

MasterLock responds:


lol gordon freeman

in the bathroom wit corwbar :P hes awesome

MasterLock responds:

just imagined freeman flinging turds around with a gravity gun

fantastic image


Lol. That was hilarious.
Happy fucking Ban Day Master. :D

MasterLock responds:

happy fucking ban day

I think this got underrated because of the convo

in the beginning. People probably closed it thinking that's all there would be. :( It was amazing though.

MasterLock responds:

Thanks. I should probably make a note of the fact that it's based on chatlogs somewhere. NG kids don't like reading.

Great movie!

I loved the way you drew them so without effortly good movie!

~ Technolog Lock

MasterLock responds:

Technolog? Badass.