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Squares and Blades 2

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UPDATED VERSION: The struggle with the orcish hordes continues! Choose the right party, then face the enemy in the squared battleground.

There are various terrain types and even more various enemies to fight. Grasping the main battle principles and using your characters skills properly will help you knock down even much more numerous opponents. Stop the storm of the evil with your blades!

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I still love this game.

This game wasn't bad at all. I will admit it was pretty hard to follow. I couldn't click on the enemy as many times as I wanted. I must just not be getting this. I do not recall the first game. I probably did play it, though.

I appreciate the music. I'm fairly certain I've heard it before. It was cool to have the blood option. I guess I am a blood guy. I am, however, not really a fan of this genre of games.

A mixed bag, worth a few runs.

This sequel is greatly appreciated, as you seem to have listened to much of the other ideas of the earlier installment. It was entertaining to play all the way through. I did encounter some problems during the game though. There was a graphic glitch in which the characters lower body would disappear sometimes, I don't know why. I also must agree that the character could revive after every round when killed, but with 1HP, and heal with a turn through a cleric. They do it that way with nearly every other RPG out there. I'm not going to complain about the difficulty as you can get the hang of it eventually after a few attempts. This sequel had a lot of improvements and pluses, but it's still got room for more. One last thing, sometimes when you're directly "south" or "north" an enemy, it doesn't give you the option to attack them. I don't understand this rule. Could you explain it?

However, the bottom line is, there was always a reason to fight for the next level to see what was going to be there. Keep it up.

Still need improvement

Hm...the new introduced elements are good, but I think like it's predecessor, it is still too hard. The whole concept is awsome, it's just...it didn't got executed very well. Like, why can't we choose which hero we prefer to play? The campaign just pick heroes randomly, and we're forced to get proficient with every character, lest they die if he/she was defeated in battle(and we cannot save states! That means the hero is dead forever in this run). When everything goes well(easy kills, out numbered allies), the experience is not bad, but when everything goes wrong(coup did not grace, favorite hero died), the experience becomes so frustrating that it discourages people to come back and play again. I'd suggest working more on balancing each character and enemies and/or defuzzying the vagueness of character damages(Simply put, where are those huge damage inflictions when we need them!) if you're planning a revision.(Well if we can choose which hero to play as, that'd be the best.)


This game is way fun, but after stage 1 it gets kinda hard when you only have 1 person against like 5 orcs :P. other then that way fun, and deserves a good 9 :D.

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4.01 / 5.00

Oct 24, 2008
4:35 PM EDT