The Fighting Game Collab

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Note: This is not an empty flash, just takes long to load up. Trust me, it's all there.

Here it is! Finally here. Thanks to everyone who made a game, they are the best. Here they are with their game names:

Chunkycheese12: 4 Man Frenzy
VirusN: Planet.Fighter
Zrb: Fire VS Water
OctoFlash: Keileiri
Arcansi: Mick's Dojo
xxflareknightxx: Big brawl
Jakk22: No name(lol)

Please vote and review fairly, we worked very hard on this :). Just enjoy! Oh, and recommend for the fighting games collection and maybe ng collabs, that would be nice :). One last thing, if there are bug's i'm going to get annoyed >:(.


Too many basic mistakes

Ok this has just too many basic mistakes. Regardless of graphics, animation skills etc. some things just have to be right. Here are some pointers:

- Not every game had a back button to go back in the menu. I had to reload this page a couple of times to try all games.

- Similarly not every game had instructions, that´s just plain bad. Tell me at least which buttons I have to hit.

- Also you have to get the hit mechanics right, if you do a fighting game you have to be at least able to hit your opponent.

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these games sucked!

I didn't enjoy it much....

It's a neat idea, but I did not enjoy it much. Some of the games are not fun at all, and some are "So bad they are good", and a few are, at least, amusing.
That's not to say it's a bad entry, the fact that it's a collab means there is a lot of stuff to try out, and atleast one could get a few chuckles out of the game.
An Issue I had with most of the games was the collision detections, sometimes, hits wouldn't register no matter what I tried

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Bad Stuff!

Sorry but bad stuff man.

Pretty good....I guess

Some of them sucked some of them were good

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3.55 / 5.00

Oct 23, 2008
2:33 PM EDT
Action - Fighting - VS