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Super Slash Ninja

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Multilevel, Samurai-themed Platformer. 3 Powerups - Chicken suit can float, Panda suit can jump higher, Fire suit shoots flames.

You can clash swords, and deflect most projectiles with your sword.

Some levels have several exits - there are numerous paths to the final boss.

Lives are unlimited - you just restart at the start of the section. The goal is to get to the end.

Arrow keys + Space to control.

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okay loved the slashing and the hacking but why was the character sliding everywhere as if it was on ice? my only question to you

nice nice

hey this is a cool thing. you should work harder on the grafics and animations. the game play is nice and clean. make moar!

Good game

The only problem i had was that it was way to hard to climb some of the falling platforms, some fell before i even touched it

i like it.....

i like it but the Aci6 said you need to inmporove on the mothion of the player as well as his actions.
the life bar option who be a great improvement as you only have a short time to react as you are so far to the edge.
on a good point i like the fact you can block the flying stars by hitting them.

SeditionGames responds:

Thanks... Do you think you should be able to kill enemies by hitting their ninja-stars back at them?

As for 'motion of the player' - do you mean more complicated animations? Bah, I'll have to stop being lazy, then.

Point taken about being too close to the edge of the screen.