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ALTTA 4 Trailer

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Oct 21, 2008 | 9:02 PM EDT

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So it's been like 2 and a half years since i ever did anything with this series, and i've been extremely busy these years, but now, i have time, and so i decided, to do the 4th. it will be much better, this is just a trailer, and the real thing will be absolutely hilarious, and awesome. JUST YOU WAIT!



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that said 2009. its 2011 and no part 4? WTF?!

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TheGreatGrizzly responds:

you are correct, 2 years. I'm honestly very sorry for this. I've had wayyyy too much stuff go down in my life in just the past 2 years. It wasn't until today i was cleaning up my computer, i found the trailer for part 4. I'm a total d-bag for never doing it. And maybe at some point i'll actually make the next trilogy. But i'm so out of the loop with making cartoons, cause i've been video editing as a career now. It's possible the series may never come into fruition. So, i'll at least tell you what i had planned. All the "has been " child american actors have joined an alliance of evil and plan to take over the world. Link somehow has a direct correlation with jonathon lipnicki, basically this was gonna be my homage to harry potter, with you finding out the origin of links name, and his connection with j lip. And he would have to destroy all 6 evil child actors, in order to kill the 7th, J Lip. but the twist in the end, was that Link was actually a child actor himself, but lost his memory. So he has to sacrifice himself in order for zelda and ganon to defeat J lIp. haha, there's a lot more plot to it than that, and there were a lot of funny little random things that would pop up along the way, helping link on his quest to destroy all 6 child actors. The 6 child actors in name, were Punky Brewster, Corey Feldman, Stephanie Tanner, Haley Joel Osment, Mark Taylor (home improvement's shitty little brother), and an adult Ralph Macheo (he would have been the redemptive child star, who helps link in the end) So, just to give a basic outline, the first movie would have been link finding out about J Lip's plan of evil, and link sets out on his quest to destroy 3 of the child stars, ending on a very high note. Second movie picks up right where it left off. He goes on to kill 2 child stars, confronting the last child star ralph macheo, who ends up kidnapping zelda and getting away from link, because he reveals some information that unsettles link, news that he was his costar in a movie. And the third movie picks up about a month later, sort of "return of the jedi style" link goes into ralph macheo's dojo, to save zelda, which he does. while at the end of ralph macheos life, ralph macheo is crying, and he tells link to take these! so link takes a flask and scoops up his tears, and ralphs like, wtf NO, these" and he just hands him some dvds. After getting away and to safety, link watches the dvds. Which reveal his true past, that he was PONY BOY in the movie "the outsiders" anyway without going into great detail, you find out something horrible went wrong on the set, which resulted in ralph macheo putting pony boy into hiding, erasing his memory, and making him think he was link. You also find out, that the old man entrusted ralph to be his spy for Jonathon lipnicki, and that because link was one of the child stars, he must sacrafice his life to J lIp, in order for J Lip to not be immortal anymore. Anyway, he does this, but unlike in harry potter, he's really dead. This is when the REAL link stops by, he was on vacation the whole time. he walks past jonathon lipnicki, cuts his head off. and keeps walking, while drinking his mohito. haha, anyway, that's BASICALLY what i was gonna do. now you know.


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Wow, dude...

I've missed this series for a while... Can't wait until this comes on! You're a genius at this shit!!! Haha! Much love. Peace out dude!


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Hey man, I've got a favor to ask you.

You remember the Adult rating that you got on ALTTA3? Well I really liked the sex scene in that! Make another one like that would ya? That would be Perfect!!


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i think the loading bar is bugged becuase it didnt load


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