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Mouse Maze - no cheese

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Author Comments

Finish all 35 levels of this mouse avoider and you get... well you get nothing, except (hopefully) enjoyment.

The rest is just me talking about the game, not really all that important if you dont' wanna read it:
My very first game. The classic mouse avoider, but don't just think its one of those crappy ones that took 5 minutes, this took me so incredibly much longer than it should have, and this started out as a test. (I started it about December of last year)

The music is home-made, so if you want better music you're gonna have to make it yourself or listen to your own music.

I mostly did this to prove that I could.

If you guys want me to make it save, then help me help you by telling me how.

Oh, and I don't care if you cheat, if that makes it fun to play, then cheat. My motto while making the game was that I had to make it fun, not just a game. (plus, it was easier this way).

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level 9

how do u pass it without cheating?

Multihunter responds:

The walls are invisible; I admit that this was not very clear. Actually, they're 1% visible, so if you change the background to a full-colour one you can spot them if you look close enough. But you're supposed to find the path by trial and error.

Thanks for playing my crappy, crappy little game... and rating 10?

I may remake this game to be a bit better.
I may not.


It's made much harder when using a laaptop touch pad...Yeah that's all I wnted to say..I'm filling in time.



very addictive and ur helping me on the game right

A Nice Challenge

I had a lot of fun doing most of these mazes. I only cheated on one and that was the "go slow" one and I cheated without the right click by moving the mouse quickly out of the box and back in. Level 30 provided a real challenge and a required a steady hand to beat it without cheating (I did this by keeping the hand at the very edge between the invisible word box and the border, took about 5 minutes). Bravo and a keep up the good work.

lols :D

lol hey i gots a challenge 4 u all,when it says click left mouse button and it does different background,click until the spinning rainbow thing comes up.it will mess up ur mind.:D.next u will NOT CHEAT and u will send me a private message on here with an address on it to show me something on youtube.dont do a link cause ng dont allow that so just type the address after u do it on youtube and if u do all that and i see u did it right ill do same thing for u only ill do something different but ill do on youtube.happy contest!

Credits & Info

3.63 / 5.00

Oct 21, 2008
8:12 AM EDT