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Move the arrow with the mouse to change your direction.
-Collect all of the red dot on the levels to turn them blue.
Press (SHIFT) to use your breaking ability.
Press (CTRL) to use your boost ability.
Press (SPACE) to pause your game.

This is my first submision since 2006, but not the last, I continue making games (I love making games, and money).
If you're looking for challenges this is the game for you, with crazy levels and two bosses.
If you want to play the full version there is a link in the game, that will take you to a game with more levels in candystand.com(My sponsor).

please enjoy ^^

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Nothing wrong, as such,

In pretty much every respect (graphics, sound, ect ect), it's a decent flash. But the control system makes me want to kill people and kick puppies, and given that the game *is* the control system, well, I guess it just isn't for me. Being forced to skip the first boss kinda made me wonder why I was bothering.

insane-angel responds:

nah, I understand the gameplay sucks,
whenever you trip you stand back up, I will make better games you'll see.


Nice! Might be my favorite of the CandyStand series of games so far, the characters and playable pieces in this all look cute and roundly shaped, great colors, flow together nicely, good logo designs, a good concept and very smooth gameplay as well. Nothing to complain about, keep these coming!


ok "i guess"

i think it was prety good


I thought some music would've been a nice touch. something with a repetitive beat to keep you focused in particular would be nice.

i liked the sound effects and the backgrounds were colorful and dynamic as the levels progressed.

i lost too many times on the first boss and the game made me skip. It's a real pain to play with the arrow on a laptop fingerpad.

Otherwise I really enjoyed the character and the game. The checkpoints were things I didn't expect and was glad to have.

TOO Imatture

the "cute" sounds and music get really annoyimg

insane-angel responds:

I love you thanks so much <3

Credits & Info

4.74 / 5.00

Oct 20, 2008
2:27 PM EDT
Skill - Collect