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Ill Fate: Ep. 1

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Well, it's been like, a zillion years since I've uploaded anything here, so here we go.
I made this as an audition for an Original Character tournament I've entered at deviantArt.
This episode shows how Kaiser Fate, ruler of Earth, accidentally wound up on a world that wasn't his - and what's more, on the dreaded Sierriena Island Research Facility.
The next episode will show Kaiser battling his first opponent, the Collossus.
I know there's a lot of backstory here you couldn't possibly know, but just switch your brain off and roll with it, lol.
This isn't action - yet - so I just put it in 'drama' because it's kind of dramatic, I guess. Enjoy!

(For those of you who care, the least you need to know: The Kaiser wants to take over all dimensions, not just his own, and to do that, he needs to find another Hatticus, called "Hatticus Headclamp". And in case you can't tell, despite his moments of brilliance, Igor Koslov - Kaiser's Chief Intelligence Analyst and General Advisor - is an inept wanker.)

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Whatever happened to this?

I know there's an Episode 2 somewhere, and that someone won an animation contest to create the fight between the large earth-monster on the other side (which I watched, but I don't know if that's canon? Was it?).

It's been so many years since this was out, though. What happened?


Strong background music, solid voice work, effective color balance w/ the animation to match the mood. Instantly it makes me want to watch the next one. Props.

Good, but hard to hear

The movie is really interesting, and I find the characters entertaining (although they could use some backstory), but it's not easy for me to understand Hatticus or the Kaiser. Their voices are difficult to understand. Just and some subtitles, and everything will work out great.

Holy Crap.

This is pretty dang fantastic...

I hope i can learn to do this...

Only problem i find here is it feels RRRREEeeeeeaalllllllyyy rushed. its going to fast.

pretty cool

i def. want to see more. i like the flow of the story as well as the audio

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4.70 / 5.00

Oct 17, 2008
4:23 AM EDT