Mario's QFS 2

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The quick sequel to Mario's quest for shrooms. the "mario quest for shrooms" series was left in my documents for several months, until about a few days ago i finished both and now here they are. mario's walk is improved because the old one was kinda messed up. well here it is. everything in it is copyright nintendo. mario does not belong to me i did not make up mario if you had half a damn brain cell i'd think you'd realized that.


Where do you get your sound effects?

I can't find any downloadable sound effects.


why did mario kill luigi?????????


I know your new to this so I'll give the pros and the cons. The backrounds were good. the animation was ok just shorten of some of the frames for the motion tweens or just make it frame by frame. Make the fight scenes longer like mario shoots a fireball and luigi trips on it then mario could jump on luigi like 2 times. And when mario goes all druggy he should like rampage around the mushroom kingdom and like kill peach or think that fire is water and then he jumps into it. Well keep trying and have better variety.

Needs to be better!

It's so weird seeing Mario and Luigi cutting each others throat just for that pathetic Druggy shroom!!
And it's another weirder thing, why is Luigi so weak compared to Mario??

SteelDagger responds:

doesnt have to make sense but in a sense its a work of art and nobody said art had to make sense


I agree with most of the reviews below me. There needs to be some more excitement, some more noise, and blend in a little more random-ness

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2.78 / 5.00

Oct 16, 2008
6:54 PM EDT
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