YAAFM 14: John McCain

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Reginold sets his demon sights on the Senator from Arizona, the Maverick himself, John McCain.


Uhmm yeaaa...

Yea mccains a "moron", but obamas the one bailing out the banks that the fed govt pushed to give loans to people that would never be able to pay them back during Clintons term. (Apparently you know nothing about Fanny May and Freddie Mac). I guess Obamas idea of fixing the economy is by spending more money than any president thus far. So to you The Walrus, YAAFM. (Try watching something other than CNN and MSNBC and watch a news channel that doesnt spin the truth.) I think the dumbest people are the ones who think they know stuff about politics, and clearly they know nothin.

revisiting the series

I find it highly posible that all quote are true. I mean I was told about John McCain's brother calling 911 to bitch about the traffic and then hung up when the operator said that is not what 911 is for. The 911 operator called back and got his voicemail which stated his name (that i can't remember) and the operator left a message telling him not to call 911 to bitch about traffic. McCain's brother then called back and proceeded to yell at the operator before saying "fuck you" and hanging up again.

I could honestly say. Voting in another old white from either the Bush or McCain family would be moronic. Then you would probably do a YAAFM about the electoral colleges or the voters. Either way I would have to say a least 50% of American's are fucking morons.

If you want to do another YAAFM about a political figure i would suggest Barrack Obama for his latest actions and to even the playing field. Not to mention the fact you could crack on the Obama/Osama name reference.

I find it out myself that while typing this up i hear reginold's voice saying every word in the same manner that he speaks.

P.S. Love the little signs Slugger hold up, just wish they were a tiny bit bigger.

Show some respect

I would have voted for Barack but show some respect

Awesome YAAFM

Don't listen to the haters, these so-called lies are real quotes, and a lot have been known about him for a long time before he got the nomination. These guys just don't realize how full of shit McCain is. I'm just glad the rest of America voted with their common sense.

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Politics really isn't one of your strongest points

It's pretty obvious some of the comments you made were crap, but you did preent your point and opinion anyway. My suggestion is: stick to celebrities from Hollywood rather than political figures.

I'd really like to see one about Tyra Banks!

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