Zombie Survival: Outbreak

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Zombie Survival: Outbreak

Make your way through the never-ending hordes of undead zombies. This is your final stand!
Use your score for upgrades and equipment. Good Luck!

Don't forget to submit your final Score to the scoreboards!

CHEATS (Can't submit Highscore)
"stagger" - Gives you Full Ranks and 99 Grenades
"aimbot" - Always score a Headshot
"mekka" - Start with the Mech Suit
"mecha" - Start with the NEO-Mech Suit


your sprites are really good!

this gameplay is not so great however. needs more room to work with, maybe advance a screen before the level ends, i was finishing levels with zombies still onscreen.

A good game, has a few flaws though.

I seem to recall a much harder version of this game earlier. But, this one isn't TOO bad if so. In fact, I'm already in level 70 or so and haven't died once. On the whole, I have to say the game does what its suppose to do fairly well. However, I do note some problems.

1. Once you jump, there is a rather long delay between when you land and when you can jump again. This has pretty much been the only reason I've gotten hit half the time. If the enemies are spaced out, and you can't kill them right away, you WILL take damage.

2. Upgrading the Headshot function doesn't quite seem to really improve your chances a whole lot. It happens a lot more often, but I don't see how much is affected between the 2nd upgrade to it and the last.

3. Damage also doesn't seem to improve a lot. But, I also upgraded headshot first, so I dunno.

4. The Mechs kinda suck. The Neo-Mech forces you to wait to fire. Its damage is nice and all I suppose, but the fast zombies really rape it. Also, if anything gets too close, it won't be hit when you fire. This may not sound like a bad thing, but the fact that the mechs can't effectively out run the zombies without moving to the complete opposite end of room and then fireing makes it quite aparent. This only gets worse when you have the normal mech, since it can't do any melee damage whatso ever. I'm not sure, but I also think that the headshot rate goes down when in the mech. And not even the grenades can fire fast enough before the enemies come and hit you. Melee Damage in the Neo Mech is a JOKE. It takes two - four hits to down the later zombies. And with the price tag on the Neo Mech, I'd expect it to be an upgrade to your normal form, not a downgrade.

On the brightside, however, the Neo-Mech does make it a lot more challengeing in the later levels. Since you can't run, and have a delay to fire, you have to figure out a way to get through the enemies without takin too much damage. But, still I think the Mechs overall need to be improved. Perhaps add more upgradable skills, especially for them.

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Walking and shooting is fun.....

Would be way, way more playable if I could move while i shoot........

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it gets a prety boring with some time =\

there is only 3 kinds of wepons and zombies coming averywhere when u are on a totaly plane place, it turn the things harder that it shold be =\


Fun at first, but gets horribly repetative. Needs more level format, not just shoot till there is nothing left. The challenge is lost once you get enough upgrades.

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4.03 / 5.00

Oct 15, 2008
12:19 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun