Three Internet Friends

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Three internet friends decide to meet and spend the summer together

So after 16 months of nearly no work. Its finally out. The extremely watered down Four Days cartoon ho! So prepare to be dazzled (probably not) by this masterpiece.

If it kind of goes out of sync, right click, press forward, and then press play. it works. Trust me.

-fourdays.comicgenesis.co m


Of cource!

The Burger King and the Dairy Queen! They could marry and finally unite the fast food lands under one banner, like the unification of Spain!

The bathtub scene :D

I liked this. It ruled. Get over it.



I liked it, great idea to go by. the beginning was a little slow but then once it got into it i really enjoyed it. the end just didn't seem satisfying though. i almost felt you didn't know how to end it so just blacked out the screen and wrote the end. other then that, good work.

It was okay.

The Good,
I really enjoy reading who made the movie, and the actors in the beginning, it reminds me of how they used to make movies back in the day. It's a good touch.

The sound was great, Although the recording methods used (My guess a normal headset) limited the quality you did a good job at putting it all together.

The character design is unique to say the least. And for a flash animation with sound it was very acceptable.

Great story, I enjoyed the plot.

The bad.
The animation was acceptable, but could of been better.

The backgrounds were rather poorly done, making a static background that looks good should always be a priority.

Over all it was a joy to watch, I'll be looking out for your other submissions.

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3.48 / 5.00

Oct 14, 2008
12:59 AM EDT
Comedy - Original