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This is my first completed flash game. Convert This is my test project to help improve my flash skills and to get some exposure to different areas of game production (graphics, animations, sound) that I've never tackled before in my career as a programmer.

Convert This is a tile game that I tried to make as different as possible from the standard fare of tile games out there already. A difficult task considering a tile game at it's core is a simple concept which will resemble other tile games no matter how different. From the feedback I received before release, this game will definitely be a "love it" or "hate it" type of game, but at least I can say I tried to make something different.

I hope you enjoy it and I'll definitely be taking what I learned from this game and putting it to good use in future projects.

A big thank you also goes out to my gf "Kat" for helping me with some of the art and music which I was crashing and burning on without her help.

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Deserves Frontpage!

I found this very entertaining and a good mix of random and skill. I think the AI was done well. Great job, I think this game is underrated, and I hope you get frontpage :)

pcheddar responds:

I'm glad you liked it. The AI was definitely one of the biggest challenges as I had to tone down the computer so it didn't completely cream the human player (which it did in early versions) while still posing a challenge.

I'm not surprised it's underrated though. This type of game just isn't for everyone, as I've received mixed reviews all throughout the creation process.

Retro Style...

Its got a sort of "retro" thing going on, like an old sega game. It's cool, a nic concept, fun, and very addicting. Rquires a little strategy, but you got to be speedy on you turns, you got to take over his and stop him from taking over you, unless you plan it out so him taking yours helps you, it's got a nice balance. Great work-

pcheddar responds:

The retro feel probably came more from my lack of graphical ability than anything:P But yeah, the balancing of the game was my top priority. I thought finding the right balance for the 5 cards' powers was more important than having more card types.


it's so freakin addictive. i'm one of those people who love card games mixed with something else and this was awesome. keep up the good work.

pcheddar responds:

Thanks for the good review:) Funny thing is the game started out as a tile game with cards mixed in. Then as production progressed the cards became more important.

Surprisingly fun.

I didn't expect much of this game, but it kept me entertained for like 20 minutes. More types of cards would be welcome, and maybe picking up two a turn would make the game go a bit faster. It was enjoyable, I won 4 rounds and got to second place on the scoreboards, which I know isn't that great since its only been out fo a little while, but still, its cool.

pcheddar responds:

Two cards a turn is a really good idea. If I ever make a second version I'll probably do that.

As for having more card types, that was suggested to me a couple of times during development by some testers. I decided against it because I couldn't think of another card effect that didn't alter the current balance. Right now the smiley card is countered by the horizontal and vertical cards, while the fireball prevents the rounds from dragging on forever. The tornado is there to give opportunities to increase the score. I couldn't think of another effect that wouldn't mess up this balance.


I like it alot.favorited.i hope it passes judgement

pcheddar responds:

Thanks for the favorite add.

I didn't get blammed so that's good, but I doubt I'll get frontpage with the current score. Ah well, next time I'll add some Mario and Sonic sprites to the cards, that should earn me some easy five out of fives here:P

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4.04 / 5.00

Oct 13, 2008
3:32 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other