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Perpetual Motion the game

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Create machines that runs forever in this physics game that contain loads of puzzles. Loads of levels and puzzles to solve throughout the world.

Use MOUSE to create a machine that runs throughout the countdown to complete the level. More complex machines give higher scores. The exclamation marks help you by showing you where to build your machine in order to complete the level target.

We (Geek Glue and King.com) are super-proud of this game. Any comments are greatly appreciated. Hope you like it.

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it gives you no help at all on what you are sapposed to do for each level and i spent over an hour on one of the first levels

Can be a epic game!

But WTF! I make a good machine, whith all hints... But not enough "Bonus points" Remove this, make it less linear and it can be an epic game!

just potential... nothing else

You made simple items... kept it simple in design and i like that
Graphics are simple... it's perfect like that when playing physics games
Sound efects... make them more realistic... and a bit longer... also some relaxing music could be better than the wind
Level design - SUX BIG TIME... as everyone said - I can only pass if i do exactly as you designed it.... in singapore for example (where i think most people get stuck) you have 7 props - just 3 hints (that's dusens of ways of chosing just 3) and the other 4 can be placed anywhere.... besides... how the hell does the scoring work? I made a system there that had hit all props, did around 3.2 cycles (without using any hints) and got only 190... what the heck??? everything was closer together and i doubt that there can be more that 3.8 cycles in that level. Obviousely using all props in any combination should get you past the certain level
The gameplay should not be linear as well (there's absolutely no point in using a map if it's like that) unlock more than one level at a time
You say "Travel to all 36 exotic locations"... there's NO SUCH THING AS EXOTIC IN A BLUE BACKGROUND duh.....
PS - sorry for any spelling mistakes

Great in Idea Lacking in execution!

It feels more like a guessing game than a motion game. Not only do we have to figure out a way to use all the props but we need to figure out close to exactly how YOU want us to use them. I guess I am confused as to how the bonus points are distributed. Also the all or nothing approach leaves much to the frustration level. The only way to move on the the next round is to MAX out the points. Maybe add a little bit of a ranking system. I.E. can't go beyond singapore unless you get 300 points. Do it so 200 passes 230 bronze 270 silver and 300 gold. Just a couple of ideas.

Not bad.

Very interesting for a puzzle game... perpetual motion is one of those things that seems to have been remained untouched until this.

I wonder why you gave the game money and a shop when you automatically afford things... but I'm not complaining.

Credits & Info

1.87 / 5.00

Oct 10, 2008
10:22 AM EDT