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Ned Kelly For Kids

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Author Comments

Ned Kelly, dumbed down and replaced so even kids could watch it.

And sorry for the ending, but I couldn't think of any other way to end it without altering history.

And as a kids mind tends to wander off, that's what I attempted (with that weapon)n

Also, shit Sound effects are lul.

Made for a competition, and took on a completely new style (pencil tool fbf and gradient fills, surprisingly) so:

Don't complain saying 'They look shit'
Don't tell me 'Gradients suck'
That's just what I'm doing this time 'round.

Oh, and whoever made the Mortal Kombat song, could you PM me? I can't find it in the portal...


On, and 2 minutes long...yea...

Finally, thanks INVD for the last minute icon.

If you care about my improving work, check out the link to my next flash at the end

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It was worth the 2 minutes!

I like how the screen isn't always stationary, which gives it a cool effect. The idea is pretty good too. And the music you picked was perfect!

GREAT JOB!! d[-_-]b

hey i think this animation depicts the final moments of neds last battle very well and very easy to understand
im glad you made it based on a australian character because you practicaly never see aussie animation your animation skills are very good and i wish that some day i will be able to make flash even half as good as your own
(P.S i like the little "ohh crap")


ASP responds:

I swear to fucking god you sound just like naterz...(check out his review on the penguin flash).

Awesomesauce in a Nutcase ;)

Very good! I thought this was a bit funny, because of your use of Ned Kelly references xD

Funnylainen. MAKE MORE!

ASP responds:


I really liked that!

I really enjoyed this animation, the combination of visuals and music was very good - I think they went together more than nicely.
I also enjoyed the whole concept of "for kids". I remember playing with those guns that shot rubber thingies (although none of mine ever stuck to anything!) and the addition of them was a great idea.
The ending wasn't really that bad - could have been a lot worse.

Well done!

ASP responds:


And yeah, that sucks...they're supposed to stick but they just fail badly at it...
Anyway, thanks for the 10 and 5..?

Definitly worth an award

I liked the animating, it looked like it took alot of thought to put this together. Its good your trying different animating styles. Well done on this! 7/10.

ASP responds:

Thanks, but I'm not setting my standards too high this time. I expect an award but I don't hope for one. I'm currently in a win-win situation, even without the flash ads.