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N-Tech: BattleGrounds

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Author Comments

A combination of puzzle and action shooter, this addicting, mind-stimulating game has four unique play modes, three cinematics, four gigantic levels, scores of enemy types, four complex bosses, dozens of unlockable features, and a great story with fun characters.

EDIT: Yes, we adjusted the difficulty curve. We almost wish we could reupload it because that was the main beef with the game and it's now corrected.

PRO TIP: You aren't dodging or trying to destroy everything on screen, just that which is in the area of your device. Also remember it's not vital to collect every single nano, just keep your energy bar in the positive and you're good. DON'T BE OVERWHELMED. Play it cool. And don't give up fast. Once it comes to you and you get the hang of it, you'll enjoy it.

THERE ARE CHECKPOINTS. If you click "Try again" upon game over, you can start on the same phase or boss you died on, rather than having to start over.

Hope you enjoy! And thanks to all you awesome people who played the game, gave us your feedback and encouragement, and kept us going! And thanks to all you awesome people playing and reviewing/voting for this game! You people also keep us going.



Collect nanos to keep your station operational while avoiding assaults from enemy bots. Keep an eye on your energy and health meters!
Harvest nanos of the same color as your beam while avoiding other colors.
Gather glowing white nanos to restore health to your damaged systems while unarmed or with standard blaster. When armed with a special weapon, glowing white nanos will provide you with more ammo.
Take the tutorial for a better understanding if you don't catch on quickly.


P - To pause and again to unpause
E, Q - Select or switch weapons
W, A, S, D - Switch beam colors
Spacebar - Skip vital messages


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devious gameply

I didn't care much for this game. It seemed like it was just you looking for green beams. Heh heh, that sounds like green beans. It did get more interesting when the enemies came in. I still have to give you credit for having a pretty original idea. It just doesn't work well.

It just seems like the same thing over and over. Granted, I wasn't too bad at it. People more familiar with the game should enjoy it more. I really do need to start reading the author's comments. It's at best passable.

Oh god how did I get here

A few tips on game design:
-Introduce the basic elements of play at level 1 in a safe environment
-Add more elements of play as levels progress, raise the stakes.
-Once all elements of play are introduced, crank up the difficulty

The problem with your game is that you're expecting the player to be patient, this is always a recipe for disaster. One of the rules of game design dictates that you need to entice the player before having expectations, for the simple reason that there are millions of flash games on the internet that are willing to pace themselves and draw you in before they lay it on you.

It's not for the sake of difficulty, this is by no means a "this is too hard," review. I think the game has some potential, but it pretty much blew its load at the beginning.


this was so bad it made me want to eat babies. i agree with T3TNUS (the guy from the previous review). this game got my hopes up with a great opening, then crushed them just like an asshole would. it was just too boring to play

i bet this guy can make great flash videos though

Lots of build up for not much payoff...

All that video and then the game as kinda dull. Definately could be better but the game wasn't that bad.... kinda easy though...

Credits & Info

3.54 / 5.00

Oct 9, 2008
1:15 AM EDT