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Another Stupidity Test

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Author Comments

Check for any stupidity within you in 2 minutes. You know the drill, see if you can follow a small series of instructions.

I played a couple of such games for the first time today and felt like making one :D

Be sure to comment and rate as you feel :D

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Its okay, it felt a little mind numbing just following instructions but it was well made.


#5 says click on the blue circle and then the red triangle. I see no blue circles. I see a blue ellipse. It's round, but it's not a circle. All circles are ellipses. But not all ellipses are circles. This is an ellipse that is not a circle.
#6 says click on the smallest circle. That's either the dot on the i in circle or the i in Click or the period at the end of the sentence, but none of them works. What, I'm supposed to click on the LARGER blue circle in the lower right corner? Sorry pal, but that's not the smallest circle on the screen. Trick question epic failure.
#8 again I'm supposed to click on a circle, but I see a big green ellipse and only the dots on the i in circle and in click and the period at the end of the sentence. Nothing happens when I click on the dots over an i or the period. Oh, you mean I'm supposed to click on the ELLIPSE again? Then you should say that, shouldn't you? Because it's not a circle.
#10 I get it. 2 "squared" is 4. Even though it's a rectangle and not a square. Sigh. You just had to ruin it by not making the rectangle a proper square, didn't you. It's by far the sneakiest thing on this whole test. Bravo. Slow clap. With one hand. The sound of one hand clapping. Though everything else is round or a triangle. People are going to click on the rectangle even if they don't get it, just because that's the only thing that pertains to the number 4. It's still poorly done no matter how you look at it.
#12 click on the circle then i to continue. I click on the circle, but there are an awful lot of i's, there are 2 in instruction, etc. Yeah, I know, the I in It is a different font, but still. It should be more specific. Or work with any i or I on the screen maybe.
#14 So you DO know that not all ellipses are circles after all? Why didn't you utilize that knowledge earlier? Twice before you expected me to click on a non-circular ellipse when instructed to click on a circle, and NOW you know the difference?
#16 all of them are rectangles. Even the squares. Squares are also rectangles. Just not all rectangles are squares but all squares are rectangles. So when I am asked to click on a rectangle, I should be allowed to click on a square too. Or the statement should say click on the rectangle that is not also a square. Eh, who am I kidding, I didn't click on any of the squares. But still. Didn't you go to kindergarten? What did you do there, just make fingerpaintings and sing the alphabet song all day long? I remember kindergarten. Now I know my A B C's, and I won't tell my parents what Ms. Melinger did to me! Ahhh, memories. I seem to remember crying a lot then, for some reason. I wonder why.
#18 again, the smallest circle on the screen is the dot on an i or the period at the end of the sentence.
#20 oh, NOW you're testing my memory. God that's super annoying. But fortunately that's the last one. I got through it. Mozilla crashed and opened up a mozilla crash reporter 4 times, but finally I got to the end. I feel it should tell me I'm stupid at the end, just for taking the test and putting up with it though. Maybe that I'm stupid for passing it. Why the hell does it keep making mozilla crash! That really sucks!

Good game.

smallest circle. i did >.<

still great but he tells me im stupid >.<

not bad at all

i liked, more about memory and observation than stupidity, i know i'm fricken insane already :p.

Credits & Info

3.60 / 5.00

Oct 8, 2008
1:49 PM EDT