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Chun Li Investigate II

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This is the second episode of Chun Li investigate, I was going to give up on this series, I tried sometime last year to do another one but it was abysmal.

I have added that as a special feature, but I messed up somewhere, a lot of the regular movie plays through it and the audio is messed up, oh well better luck next time :D

The biggest critisism I got from the 2 reviews LOL was that there was no story to the first one well theres a story this time music but no voices, thats on for next time :D

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so it -was- zero

Haha, my eyes couldn't tell if that was really him.

anyways, audio is great, because those songs are great, haha. visually, it's good. I could tell that was Bison (I see you're using the English names) but . . . I can't figure out the other person's sprites. Storyline-wise, it's getting somewhere. I find it strange that his "memory banks were corrupted", yet a simple task-memory fully immerses him back into his original functions. He's more cyborg than you'd think, which would fit my first theory on how the cloning issue came up in the first movie. For originality . . . there's still nothing. Sure there's a cross-over, but it's still within the company's franchises. I'm curious to see if this will involve the other megaman staples though.

Myridon responds:

Yeah I'm keeping to the orginal names, cause thats what I know.
If you watch the first flash you can see I have guy from final fight, Sketch from Comix zone and a few double dragon characters.

Originally the story was going to be Chun Li investigating an old house (orginal huh? ha ha) I would have her reporting to Dhalsim.
All this stemming from the Street fighter movie. Dhalsim is a doctor, Chun Li is a reporter.

thats where the original concept came from. When I made the first flash I was very limited in my flash abilities, now I've made the second, I'm still limited but my storytelling aspects have improved and the way I see composition has changed.

The memory banks thing, It was thge only thing I could think of so I wouldn't have to mention Dr Wily. When he says he thinks he remembers, all his memories aren't back, he just remembers his blaster. sorry if that didn't come across.

next time I am thinking of Drawing in the close ups instead of looking at pixelated blocks that are blurry, I tried it in this one with zero looking down at his blaster.

Keep it up!

Not great, but i think with a little more practice with sprite movies this will get a lot better. Keep it up! ;)

not too shabby

i love decent sprite flash. and especially when mega man characters are in it. music was awesome, needs a little bit more action or something. make the next one a little longer or something. other than that, pretty good!

Not too bad, actually!!

Actually, it wasn't too bad, the plot was interesting, except that it ended too abruptly, is it continued??

And i gave you 6/10 because you kept close up on Chun Li and the other robot, i donno where you gotten the picture or ow you do up the picture, it was uber blurrish, and if you closed-up on it, it will be as though you are closing up on a bulk of badly made flash!!

Myridon responds:

It ended abruptly cause I wanted to establish the charactrs quickly, the next episode will have zero infiltrating an underground base while Chun Li visits an informer and it goes bad.
I'm gonna try and see if I can pull of cuts to different places. I'm glad you think the story's interesting.

Good start

Minus the fact that chun li is in her fighting stance the whole time, I think it could work. She looks like she is constipated. lol

Myridon responds:

yeah, now I've got more of a grasp on the story I think I'll try and edit her sprites and give her new poses *fingers crossed*