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u can pick songs that i recently made. (warning, some u can't hear really good)


settle down dude

this was probably ur first flash? some last minute flash that u did before losing it or running out of trial days? you should save up for a new flash program and get it and then work hard on ur next submission. alls flash needs is time and effort, so ive heard and seen on here.


is this those kindergarden things u pick to hear noise

bryce6969 responds:

well if u want to be an ass about it fuckin tell me what to im
prove dammit.

im so confused!!

i cant seem to stop the music to hear the others. that and yes the music was hard to hear. plus i really dont see the point of this. oh well. kudos for tryin. cheers!

bryce6969 responds:

i know. it's a piece a shit.

bad, sorry.

this was annoying and it had no stop button so i could stop all music and look at the next song. next time, save it for the audio portal

bryce6969 responds:

there will be updates soon

Nice idea, but...

A little sketchy and I think if you put your music into flash animations you might get more hits. Also, you should try to fix the area where when you click a diffrent icon it stops the other music.

bryce6969 responds:

ok i will try to

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Oct 5, 2008
11:31 PM EDT
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