Random Insanity

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Alright, this officially means I have no life. This is my first flash movie... and my first use of a nasally voice. So yeah, if you hate it just remember... so do I.

Music belongs to the Bleach OST and is in NO WAY mine... just because.


Like the background to this? Check out my artwork! www.cbj3.deviantart.com ...or not.


It's fine

It needs a bit more things to it. Otherwise, it was OK.


Comedy is a big thing for me, if the jokes aren't funny, I give shitty reviews. The animation didn't help much either. You may want to put 5 points more effort worth of humor into your next flash along with 1 point of animation, and I will gladly give you a 10/10


Needs Work


"well i dont like pie!!!"

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CBJ3 responds:

Haha, thanks. Neither do i actually... just Pumpkin pie really. :P


This was really well drawn and animated for a first flash. Would've liked to have seen the main character colored in, and maybe a scene to correspond with every random thing he said rather than him just standing there talking. When it comes to the humor itself, it seemed bland and awkward. I was into the whole RANDOM ZANY thing when i was in my teens. I'd run around saying SPOONING A MAPLESYRUP COVERED TWIGNIBBLET, and other things of that sort. But i've outgrown it, so this flash didn't do much for me. Definately not any hate on the brand of humor, that's what demographics are all about. "ice cream covered in horse hair" got a chuckle out of me though. :3

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CBJ3 responds:

Thanks a lot. Yeah, I'm slowly outgrowing it myself. Might do something a little more serious next time around and spend some quality time on my work, should I get the time. I mainly do digital art, ie. Background on this thing. So I spend most of my time doing that. Thanks again.

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3.71 / 5.00

Sep 30, 2008
2:38 PM EDT
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