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Introducing, me

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A while ago I animated myself an intro but I never used it, so here it is! :D


Music: Battle without honour or humidity.

EDIT: Fixed preloader and added replay button, sorry about that..

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I <3 Your Style

Recently, I've been trying to animate these kind of faces, did you take any tutorials on how to do it?!

Anyway, awesome flash.

5/5 9/10

Nice one!

Lochie responds:

It's how I draw..

Thanks for the 5+9.. 14!

;D .......................

Aweeessooommmeee :D
Never preloaders theses days :o
I really like the flash and the character with the masked shirt or whatever looks freaking cool :P

Lochie responds:

It has a preloader.

Yeah his shirt had texture. :D

very nice

nice to meet ya!!

Lochie responds:

Nice to meet you too!


cool for a presentation, but very short

Lochie responds:

Short because it's an intro! :D

this is cool

I thought this was rather entertaining for something so short. You should have added the NG api system to this too my friend.. but anyway, nicely done. Short but fun to watch. nice!

Lochie responds:

Thanks Sir Yoink, but not many people are watching this, so the NG API would do nothing. :(