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Golly this's bin on my PC for a while. I came up with the idea late 2007:
http://www.newgrounds.com /bbs/topic/803994
I dragged it up again for the MaxGames contest.

THANK JESUS FOR THE MUSIC AUTHORS. This game is pretty shit without audio. About 75% of it's all downloadable for free on the left o the screen there, all Newgrounds Audio artists. Check out 8bitpeoples.com for the rest, it's a damn treasure trove. Also this is the first time I've made my own sound effects for a game. PRETTY SLICK.

Also hey, be aware that this game'll save your progress. All the money, times and stages you've unlocked will be saved so you can come back to it later. Magic init? I remember back in my day- We didn't even have gradients! And you had to type 58 lines of script just to make a movie stop.

Oh, and I've ran out of money. So if you could all vote five on this one, that'd be grand.



Passes game in lvl 2

the pyramid can give you over 50 coins ad the credits lvl needs oly 30....
better fix that speed, needs online and more challengig puzzles


I loved the game, but the glitches just got me me so much. After trying to boost, your character wont be able to run unless you press up or something afterward, and this makes run 2 the hills much harder and frustrating. Another thing, please put a menu button. Everytime I fuck up beyond fixing, I don't want to have to do that first stage again, there aren't even any coins in that level. Another thing, in shaft, I was almost done, but suddenly, it showed the shaft that wasn't open, and the mute button kept going on and off. It might've been alright had there been a menu, button, but regardless, I will not play that first stage again and will not pass the game because of it. I like the idea of starting right into the game like you did, and the animation is also quite to my liking, as well as the music. My biggest suggestion for this game: MENU BUTTON! If it weren't for the flaws I mentioned, I would've given this an 8-10.

I-smel responds:


lol 3's A Crowd

On that level, when I chose the red guy, he just could... fly through the level? That was fun.

Eh, it's an ok game. Kinda slow, not very hard.

a great game wicch the music that was el terrible

pixlcrushr destroed this game

Not bad, just bland and slow

There really isn't anything inherently wrong with the game aside from the lack of a restart button. The platforming though is just very basic, and more often than not the extra one or two characters just means I have to press space to walk a guy to the exact same as the last one before I can move on.

The game would have been a lot more enjoyable if there was a button you could press or hold to make all of your guys move in tandem till you got to a place that needed them to separate. That and making them a little faster would have been nice.

Also, more of a nit pick in design than anything, but why were there areas that characters needed to crawl in at all? All it did was make them move slower, and them crawling through a narrow corridor never added anything to either the platforming or the puzzle aspect.

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