Blocks With Letters On

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On each level you are presented with several lettered blocks which must be arranged in a yellow area to form an English word. First you have to work out what the word is, and then comes the tricky part of manouvering around the obstacles to get the letters in the right place.

Each level has only one possible answer.

EVERY level is possible! Even the really hard ones.

Can you beat the blocks?


I genuinely enjoyed this game, but it was frustrating. I had absolutely no trouble whatsoever telling what the words themselves were. I was just really confused as to how to put them together. It's a pretty complicated system. I guess that was part of the appeal. While not that well detailed, it didn't need to be.

It isn't really a game for little kids. It's too complicated! I at least managed to challenge myself with this. You really had to plan ahead with this. It's quite enjoyable.

Totally hooked!

This game is awesome! I have been completely addicted, and have got my boyfriend and flatmate hooked. The level of difficulty was perfect for me, challenging but not so hard that i got annoyed and gave up! Only problem being that i've not got much work done since i started playing. Thanks for the time and effort to make it. I'm going to have a go at blocks with letters 2 now :-)

good to learn

you should be sponsored by a school learning site, maybe?

anyway, great game! I clicked on the adds to help you make more good games!
I hope to see more!

Great, and unique!

I've not seen a game before that so effectively combines both linguistic skills and logic skills in the same game. The animation is simplistic, but it works well, as it makes sure the focus is on the great (and at times difficult) game at hand. It's also plenty long, with 64 different levels to complete. Another great game!

9 - Highly recommended

Bloody Brilliant!

It will be a real crime if this doesn't get a frontpage. Great job. It really makes you think. I'm currently stuck on level 39, but I think I'll get it eventaully. The difficulty curve was perfect. Sometimes I did have a really tough time with one level only to kill the next one, but that's to be expected.
To the first reviewer who said he was stuck on level 22, here's the solution (that one took me awhile too):
Move the S to the right. It will drop, enabling the 1 block. Move it all the way to the left 2 switch (it becomes a T on the way). Move the C all the way to the left (in the little nook). Move the A on top of the 2 block. With the T, disable and enable the 2 block. The A will, of course, drop down. Move the first R to the left. It will fall on the 2 block. Move the second R all the way to the left, where it will rest on top of the C. Move the O and the T to the left and disable the 2 block. You should have from bottom to top: A-R-O-T. Move the A to the left, then the R, O, then T to the right. By now, you should have a good idea of what the word will be. Good luck!

martysears responds:

Thanks for the great review madkins. I hope it does make front page.
That was an excellent and accurate walkthrough of the "carrots" level. Good luck on the later levels... You aint seen nothing yet!

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3.78 / 5.00

Sep 29, 2008
11:40 AM EDT
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