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Pilot your Mech over 5 action packed, and extremely challenging levels. Use power ups, and both melee and ranged combat to dispatch your enemies and rack up your high score.

Created by Avgames.co.uk
Sponsored by Dragongamez.com

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niceeeee!!! very good graphs!!!! try to make some game like Gundam Wings or add more stuff to this game!!! :D good luck in that! :D

Pretty Sweet

This is a pretty awesome game the only thing i can think of you need to fix is jsut basicly what everyone else says too. like just make it where you get more HP or something cause you die way to fast and make your mech a little bit smaller so you can maneuver easier. But other than that the game is great and its cool you did a really good job!

Not Bad.

I like the gameplay and graphics but like most ppl's opinions.. can u increase the hp of the mech? have a selection of mechs and difficulities or make the mech smaller! and lastly you can make the mech invulnerable for awhile after getting hit.

Nice Mech game :D

This game is fun to play, it feels like ikaruga in style which i like.

Its hard, but thats a good thing, gamers are getting too slack these days :D

I see good things from AVgames, so goodinfact i included you guys (guys/gals i dunno) in my signature :P

great work

Fun and challenging

It is a little difficult, but I wouldn't say overly too hard. I agree with some suggestions made earlier, maybe make the mech be able to take more hits... or perhaps have a mode selection that would make it fun for anyone, regardless of how good they are at the game. Also, I think the control scheme was a little flawed. I didn't like using the mouse to move... it was too inconsistent at times for me... maybe have the arrow keys move... also, I think either the gun was too strong, or the sword too weak, because I didn't really use the sword much. The game itself, however, was a lot of fun. Just iron out those control issues, and I think this could be something really awesome.