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The Story Behind this game

before I started making Mower Game i needed to learn how to make a game engine so i made this space game all though it was not a game it was just an game engine it only had one level and it had no menu sound ect.
any way one day i found out it some how got on to the school net work and other people were playing it i don't know why they liked it so much it was just an game engine but i guess they liked playing it as it was very hard to play so it offered them a challenge.
well this week Evey one at school lost their flash games due to the admins resetting their security like their flash block and stuff so Evey one asked me for a copy of the game engine the only thing is that there were too many people to give it to and i could not give it to all of them
also they wanted it be for they went on Holiday witch starts this Monday.
so i said to them that i will post the game engine on the inter net hear on new grounds by Monday so they can all get it but i also said that i needed to tweak it.
so i have spent the last 6 hours trying to turn this basic engine with horribly drawn images and no sound and other things (i will give a list of what i added to it latter) and i have finally fixed it up so that it is now a game.

End of Story

The game is an arcade style game where you need to doge all of the enemeys for as long as you can

The engine was first made with flash MX and when i tried making it with flash cs3 (flash v9)the programing would not work so i have had to work with flash mx (flash v6)


ok for thous at school who want to know what all the updates from the engine are or for just any one at all who would like to know hear they are

Added Music-(btw this is the first time i have used music from the AUDIO PORTAL)
Added Menu
Added a total of 5 difficulty levels to the game
Change the images of the enemeys
Added Sound effects
Improved explosion
Added Cool Visual Effects to the enemeys
Added a preloader

i could NOT work in Flash cs3 for this
so please keep in mind that this was made with out the use of any of the tolls that can onley be found in flash 7, 8 or 9

(i dont know if this counts as my first or 2nd flash project
as i made the engine b4 i made mower game
but i did not make This game till after i made mower game
so mower game was my first complete first flash project)

o and one very last thing the difacultey level called HARD that is the orgional level

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LOL this game was soo cute i could dodge the other ship forever but i got bored and went out in a flame of glory kamikaze style! (played easy mode) nightmare mode is soo hard personal best was 4 seconds.

your buttons and menus were sexy, i liked how it change colors this was pretty good considering you only used crappy flash. your effects were pretty sweet too! especially the exploding ship part.

Good, but...

Hate to tell you but the timer doesn't reset when you go back to the main menu, and start a new game. Except for that, it's an okay game.

skylinegodzilla responds:

that is not hard to beleve about the timer
this was an unstable engion like i sad in the coments
i tryed evey thing to reset it settings but because i made it when i started flash it was verry unstable and i tryed to fix most stuf on it but it was sort ove all over the place so it would be a glich in it

Cool game, but....

I played the game several times and enjoyed it! I do want to let you know that KujoGodOfWar stole that Star Wars song from me. His tracks are in the process of being deleted, so any "sequels" that you make will have different song credits. I realize it's not your fault, and I'm just letting you know.

I will probably be reposting the Star Wars remix under my account shortly. You can message me if you have any other questions.

skylinegodzilla responds:

ok i will keep that in mind about your song
i realey liked it though
i wonder if i can update it and rediret the credits to you

i dont want to give credit to the rong person for the cool music

btw i beleave what you ay as i have found a few theaves around at the moment sealing other peoples works and posting them as ther own and quit frankley i am sick of it.

that is why i put my logo on my things to stop people from trying to say that it is thears


awesome game

Not too shabby.

But it could do with lots of work.

- The animation is at a good standard it was smooth.
- The graphics seemed a bit simple and its obvious you didn't spend much time on it.
- There was hardly any sound effects, apart from the explosion, which sounded lame.
- Music was pretty good, but you should give alot more music for the player to chose from, or a mute button.
- The time at the top left hand corner was way to big, and the fraction of a second bit? no point? just use whole numbers.
- Work on different space backrounds, rather than just a black screen with white dots.
- The border was kind of annoying, you didn't have to even touch it to blow up.
- And also work on other modes like multiplayer or online, maybe add different styles of ships, etc etc, power ups would also be effective, such as speeding up invcibility for bla bla seconds.

skylinegodzilla responds:

year like i said i only really had a few hours to turn this in to a flash game so their was limited amount of things i could do

for some reason when i uploaded the game the explosion sound lagged it sounded way better when it was on my computer so i don't know why it is doing that

I was thinking on adding an score board to it but i don't know how to

i did not want to tamper with the game engine to much as i did not want to lose what the kids at school liked about it

the engine i made was the very first thing i ever started to program in flash so things like exploding when you hit the wall had codding like


but if i remade the engine now i would of said

if (this.hitTest(_root.leftwall)

this will make it so when you do it the wall you would blow up
instead of blowing up two pixels from the edge no matter where the border is
(i think it was more like 50 pixels that i set it at though not 2)

the only thing is that because i made the engine when i was just starting to make flash it was unstable
so if i modified the wrong part the whole thing would crash.

and the whole point of making this game was to upload the current engine that the kids at school liked.
so if i remade the whole programing from scratch it would kind of defeat the whole purpose of making this game.

you are right about the timer/score i should of made it full numbers

and i should of made different bg

i was going to make different skins for the ships but when i made the programing for it it interfered with the UNSTABLE original game engine
so i had to remove it that's why i made the flashing effect on some of the enemeys instead

any way thank you for your review i very much appreseate it
and bleave me next game i will be able to make better as i will not be working off an unstable game engine.

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3.41 / 5.00

Sep 27, 2008
8:03 AM EDT
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