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Alien Paroxysm

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The mission to supply the friendly outpost went wrong once it turned out to be captured by angry aliens.. Crashlanded on a planet, without food / radio there is no other option then to go inside the doomed towers..

Use the ASDW controls to move and look around.. Use the mouse cursor to aim and fire with your selected gun. Pickups items and keep an eye on your mission briefings to survive this dangerous adventure.

Sigit Haryo Wibowo

This game is around for a few months now, we forgot to send this in to NG! have fun.

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Ok but could be better

Its an okay game but it has big flaws like enemies respawn right after exiting a room.
Health bar is to week and enemy can damage you from a distance also the aiming is horrible. Finally why do you have to remember the codes to unlock the door why not just save it and let the door open automatically after getting both codes.

Interesting, but MAJOR flaws

Enemies can hurt you from pretty far away if below, and the machinegun's bullets start further away than pistol rounds. When your getting mauled from below by a critter that appeared an inch away, which means INSTANT and unnavoidable damage, you can't even kill it till you get some distance with either gun, tho pistol is easier. Also, there should be a sound to alert you to getting hurt. Many enemies walked through boxes. I even saw 1 stuck partway into a wall. I was disapointed that floor 4 lied about hearing something big (boss?).


i thought the moving and graphics and and aiming were ok i dont what people are talkingabout not having a health bar and getting killed in one shot from several feet away i never encountered that problem and i beat the game the game just wasnt interesting to me really because i like games where you can see the whole field not just a few feet in front of you but thats just my opinion on games so im gonna give you an 8 anyway keep up the good work man good job

Simply the best

This game is the most magnaminously heart pounding thrillride of the year this game is probably the best game in the history of LIFE!!!!


I'm sorry but I didn't enjoy that game. I play games for the fun factor and that entire experience was a chore. Its hard to aim, hard to survive, theres no continue, you have no hope if the enemy gets close, and you cant see far enough to do anything when they're further. I'm sure if i had stuck with it i would have given it a little higher score. The story itself is alright, though its riddled with spelling and grammatical errors (Which distract me. Other people probably don't mind but its an issue with me). The upsides... The music is very atmospheric and appropriate and the characters are cute. The voiceovers are passable and the puzzles aren't too hard (Though a map and a better mission log would be nice). All and all, a good idea with a serious lack of excecution. Nice try though. Looking forward to seeing more