Super Smash Bro Quiz V2

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I Took All Of The Reviewer's Suggestions, I Made It Longer, Better, Added Pictures, Changed Music (Cuz People Didn't Like The Last Song), etc. I Hope My New Version Isn't Blammed! FYI I Had An Error...Pit Is From A Game In U.S.....I Apologize, I Read a False Article and Thought It Was True. I SHOULD HAVE PUT Lucas.



I liked it!
I thought it was a good quiz for Super Smash Bros.
Nice job man!
next you should do one on Nintendo itself, that would be challenging!
By the way, MajesticSnorlax is the greatest name in the world.

Make it better...

but for now... you get a 1/0 =D

Not good

First off anyone whos ever played this game knows most of these, it just way to easy!

but thats not the reason I gave it a low score, its because some questions are wrong themselves, like Ganon isnt the last character unlocked in SSBB, for me it was wolf. And if you messed up and were talking about melee, thats not true either

Pit? Japanese only...?

Since Pit's game, Kid Icarus, was released OUTSIDE of Japan in both a game and it's sequel (I have both games), I have to say...FAIL!

In fact, Kid Icarus' sequel: Of myths and Monsters, was released in both Europe and America but NOT in Japan.

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Umm... so, yeah...

Had you not heard about Pit, so you assumed he wasn't from an American game? Kid Icarus and Kid Icarus II were his only games. Both in the US.

This is kinda pointless, I'm sorry. You need something more interactive or at least pretty. It's a nice effort, but kinda wasted.

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Sep 23, 2008
4:54 PM EDT
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