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Warlords: Heroes

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Fight your way through 4 episodes of fantasy battle. Buying fighting moves, armour and hiring henchman to assist you on your journey.

- A game based on the Achilles engine set in the Warlords world.
- 3 Different characters with different weapons, moves, stories, henchmen, personalities
- Purchasable fighting moves after each level - learn and customise your fighting style as you go
- Hire henchmen to assit you on your quest
- Buy armour and magical items after each level
- 18 Standard enemy units+ 7 Bosses (Achilles had 3 Standard + 5 Bosses)
- 9 Different races with different backgrounds for their regions
- Freely explorable map, if you want to just go touring round fighting people, you can!
- Survival Mode

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A great flash game when I was a little one.

Childhood favorite, a true poor kid delight

Even though the gameplay is pretty much just Achilles, it still has its own features to make it stand out. I enjoyed that you could hire troops to fight for you, and buying armor is always refreshing. Overall, pretty good game, but I'd rather play one of the other Warlords games.

This game is the bee's knees, could use a tweak here or there but its great!!

it lagged the hell out pf my cpu tryig to move the guy which really annoyed me if it hadn't of done that i'd 've given it agood rating