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Xionic Madness 2

rated 4.43 / 5 stars
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Sep 22, 2008 | 10:51 PM EDT
  • Frontpaged September 22, 2008
  • Weekly Users' Choice September 24, 2008
  • Daily Feature September 24, 2008

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Author Comments


Greetings! After a long month of hard work on this little thing I proudly present it to everyone!

Xionic Madness 2 :D!

I apologize for the delay, I had MAJOR problems with it at the very last moments (which would be when exporting the final version, it just wouldn't do it D: )

I hope you <3 as much as I did making it :D!

Yay >:D!



Rated 5 / 5 stars


Great action scenes, directing, animation and artwork. It's like watching a rated R version of Power Rangers, lol. :]


Rated 5 / 5 stars

great but...

i like it but its like madness for highschool anime hores who still watch power rangers (dont get me wrong i love the power rangers atleast i used to before they started to suck...)i like the saga and all but if you were trying to make a madness tribute you fail... if you trying to make an anime with flash good job i like the story and all but it makes me feel like an 8 year old kid its more a sonic adventre tribute than anything you got sonic shadow and rouge all on a team!!! the wepons all though cool are very power ranger 3 year old stuff...except bloody doll witch i think is dumb it may sound like i think it sucks but im just trying to help...umm what else...whats up with girl (cant remember her name) having two pairs of glasses one yellow one green??? is one of them night vision or somthing? and whats the deal all together you just gave us a movie and just left us hanging with bits and chunks of plot another thing stop the chapters!!! thats dumb its like you thought the flash was going to be a full leanght film save that for when you write an anime book or just never do it at all you named all of them stupid things! (im writing alot becouse im bored!) and the girl who again i cant remember her name i think it starts with a k but any way shes got some poser o i think im sexy but im not sure but i will do what i can to look hot without making myself look like a slut out fit on and i hate that and her bio said shes only like 3??? what the hell is up with that and that only makes the costume creepeir... but i realy like your color chices and you do a pretty good job with disighning your people!!! i hope you understand that i like it a lot and all im just waisting my time and probably yours and any one else who is taking the time to read all of this i dont even have a good flash yet and in all reality i can truely only hope to become even remotly close to be ing good at flash and having the attention span to fully understand flash right now i only toy with a flash i got of the internet for free and with a stick figure pivote program but im taking a class in school that showed me the basics of flash and other related things and ive been watching tutorials so when i have the money to purchis a good flash player i will have a basic understanding of what i will be doing in it(im almost done i think) so dont take me too seriosly just becouse i wrote this so long but back to the topic of your flash it seems to me like you have a plan for it all but you still need to give it a boost the series is well animated but it didnt really catch my eye... if that makes sinse o and in one of the two parts of exionico you show the blue guy (cant remember his name ether) on a computer and he goes by all the main cast and main cast of madness but you have jebus on there that charecters name is the savior when isaw this i thought it was a very funny mistake soifit was on purpose i give you props o and i love your choice of music doom level one was a great choice (im a big doom fan) in my openion your series needs to be more dark rite now everythings to happy and chipper when i feel it would be better if ever one felt like there world was just flushed down the spiraling lava filled toilet of hell and that they were truely screwed AND you need to fix this problem some of your people have eyes others dont you cant have both only one or the other thats about all my input but i still have a few queshtions and while i ask queshtions i will think of more input the series is realy good how long do you see it lasting??? and were do you see it going in the near future??? you refrenced actuel madness charecters will these charecters ever appear??? and last thing before i go on my way i just want to tell you i would destroy you and omega and every other charecter in your flash in starcraft becouse i am simply the best theres ever queshtions asked will we ever see these charecters play starcraft in your following flashes becouse if we do that would be realy realy funny but it would probably destroy the series well anyways im out of typingspace


Rated 5 / 5 stars


I don´t understand nothing but that is awesome and, for me, the protagonist was omega....
I don´t know what I have to thing...
All I know is that was the better thing what i never seen before...


Rated 5 / 5 stars

At Madnessfan007,

I believe her objective was to destroy her teammates, because she replied to HQ saying "2 out of 3 objectives survived" and she had 3 teammates, and one died.

Enough about that, this is the greatest flash EVER!


Rated 5 / 5 stars


that was the best xionic ep ever allthough i feel that was shorter than the others
oh well 20/10 man good job... oh um meassage me when the next if there is one comes out

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