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Castle Crappers

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Yea...I've just been making this with my friend Cory for a while, and decided to submit it.

Made as a tribute to that's my fulp by a pair of 13 year olds, nothing special. This took 3 days to make.

Happy madness day.

it's official, nothing will work to un-delay it, just don't think about it.

Holy CRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP CASTLE CRASHERS COLLECTION!!! Well, now that that's happend, I'll try to fix the sound.

Thanks a bunch tom! I've never been in a collection, I'm surprised you let such a suck-ish movie in!

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Wow, I don't think I ever heard the original song the Weird Al Yankovic song was a parody of. Anyway, this was really bad. Why does that song go on at the end? The animation was really bad. To make fun of something, you should make it better looking. That just makes sense.

I can see why this has such a low rating. The audio doesn't match up. Maybe it's not supposed to. The series has still come a long way. I'm glad it's an original idea.

boooorinnnnng video and it sucks.

well this sucked but it was a little funny so i give it a 1/90 lol

Bad but funny

This flash was just so silly and bad that it was hilarious,the animation wasn't good and the syncing was awful with the voice acting which was bad too but with what all was said it was hilarious so nice job on making a funny flash even though it was bad.


only reason i laughed was because it was completely retarded