Depression Hurts: MD08

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I wanted to try something different with the theme of Madness...

About a week of work because I suck at flash...
This is my first real flash other than crappy 2 seconds flashes...
Please review! I will respond to all reviews!

I worked really hard at it so please enjoy :D
Please recommend for Madness Day '08 Collection!
EDIT: Yay! It's in the collection...



i've fallen into depression like that. but, i didn't kill myself. twas gud. give u 7

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K0Nx responds:

thank you for the good score...

Not the hottest

Not the hottest, but definitely a new and interesting direction for the Madness direction. I vote it go to the 08 collection.

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K0Nx responds:

Thank you for your review~!

abit short

Well this was actually ok, seemed abit on the short side for the large size, possibly the music, the "GRAPHICS" were ok kinda neat i thought, just needs abit of compression.

Small compression but it was good.

Short and big file but it was decent


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K0Nx responds:

Thank you!

I originally thought you had to export the file at the highest quality or it would lose loads of quality...
then like a few hours after I posted this I learned how to compress it...
Thanks for the positive review and constructive critisism! :D


Madness means Free your mind, don't care about other and do whatever you want. The fact that you put Madness togheter with Emo feelings reveal that you didn't understand the message of Krinkles. The good thing was that the background was pretty.

K0Nx responds:

I completely understand the message Krinkles is trying to spread...
But the contest says they would like to see cartoons using the character's in a new setting...

It wasn't very good

It was a good attempt at something new, but the artwork was very poor and simple, and the animation wasn't much better. It was a good concept but more work was definately needed in order to pull off a good movie

K0Nx responds:

Even though you didn't like it...
Thanks for the constructive criticism...
Compared to the dolts who just go "YOURZ SUKZZ!!!"

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3.81 / 5.00

Sep 21, 2008
7:42 PM EDT