Burger Defense

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Burger Defense v1.4 [Final Release]
- Brand new aiming calculation
- Burger Defense theme song added
- restart button added


Burger Defense v1.3 released!
- Cleaned up some graphics, prepping for a big update.
- Fixed some bugs.


Burger Defense v1.2 released!
- Aim Assist v1 added to the game. Will take feedback and improve over time.
- Fixed some bugs.
- Enjoy!


Protect the burger joint from hobos, zombies, ninjas and more by shooting killer potatoes at them via a potato cannon! Upgrade your potatoes with spikes, M60s and poison. Survive 20 levels and you win.

Controls: Click the mouse button to fire, continue to click for rapid fire or hold the button down for auto-fire. Click the upgrade buttons to upgrade your potatoes when you have enough money. That's it!

Also, the cannon fires with an arc so be sure to experiment firing at different locations. (ie: To make the potato land closer to the burger joint, fire higher in the air closer to the cannon. That way it'll fire with less force and gravity will take care of the rest!)

Game Info: Programmed in Actionscript 3 and game graphics created using MS Paint 95% of the time.

Game by: Rob Foor or Razoric.com

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I like burgers

I thought that this was a good game because it was different than the stuff that you (Razoric) usually makes. I guess you may have just stopped working on video game stuff period. Anyway, it was really cool to see how it was truly different than other games. I still think that it would have been nicer if there had been some music. It just seems like it could have been more colorful, what with the theme being fast food. It is still cool to just see those big potatoes just fly around everywhere.

Loved it

...but the score can't be perfect due to the fact that the aiming arcs are preset and sometimes imprecise. Still fun and played till I died at lev 19. Good work,..just not perfect.


The game is good but i should be able to buy lives/hamurgers! also, add more levels. And why would zombies want hamburgers? O_o

Only flaw was...

...I can attribute 100% of the burgers they stole from me to that dead zone you can't hit anything in. Nothing angered me more than something with 1 hp getting into the dead zone and saying "ZOMG! FREE BURGERS!" =P


i made it to 24th place on the all time recordz
omfg alienz want my burgerz

Credits & Info

3.77 / 5.00

Sep 21, 2008
3:49 PM EDT
Strategy - Artillery