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Curious-Foot madness

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Author Comments

Hey Hey, happy tomorrows madness day!
Sigh i just cant wait for it so I'm posting my 08 submission 12 hours early because I'm so silly :3
anyways i know it's a bit sloppy the sound could've been better, but hey this is my third flash....EVER!
so umm rate, review(if u want) and enjoy!

"Hot and wet ones for all"

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not quite madness

At first i was angry because there was nothing to do with madness but when hank popped out of that blue thing it was ok. Personally I would have preferred it to have more with hank and less of him in that blue costume also it moved a little slow one of the best things about madness is that it moves quickly but smoothly. still though you've made 3 more flashes than me at this point so good job

lemonshaman responds:

yeah. sorry ive never made or tried making madness and this was done in a week lol....

Read the review...

Sound Effects4/10

Well, you still have some work to do, but it will all come with practice. Your drawings weren't all that bad, but they could use some improvemet. The animation wasn't to horrible, but you had some gap times, and some of it could be done a bit more fancily. The sound effects were ok, but they had gaptime inbetween them. You would have the sound-effect end, then half a second later the other one would come in. Same with the music. Gotta work on that. The plot of this, however, made little to no sense. It was interesting, but confusing. I know the madness series is about random violence, but they did have a visible plot, this one did not. Keep trying though.

The alpha and Omega,

lemonshaman responds:

whoa this really puts me on a bad situation, the way you put it like makes me wanna delete this and re-do it lol and it's a miracle it got 3 out of a 5 on the "current score" board, but thanks for the tips and clicks man! Appreciate it!


T'was a bit weird, but there was SOME decent drawing, and the animation of the flies was pretty good. try making it longer with...well...ANY storyline.
3/5 5/10

lemonshaman responds:

true true, but yeah I'm not rly good on making story lines...sorry but thanks for the review

that was pritty cool

i liked the blue hand thingy. it was kool.

Nice flash

The animations were cool. The only thing I didn't liked was that the Fly SFX was not looped correctly. This is very cool though.

Credits & Info

2.90 / 5.00

Sep 21, 2008
1:55 PM EDT