MGS: Flash Collab DISC 02

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Metal Gear Solid: Flash Collab (DISC 2)

Another 50+ artists get together to pay homage to one of the best game series of our time!

BTW, we're sorry this is late and if you're still angry about it, just think of that scene in Tango and Cash where Tango stops that truck with like two bullets and the driver flies out of the windshield and how exhilarating that was. I feel better already!

did somebody say EASTER EGGS?

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I just want some bees, please. *w i n k*


"Are you shitting me!?"
"Well in about 3 minutes, yes!" XDDDD

Awesome collab you all made here. It's also hilarious. LOL!

Ok, obviously it's a collab so varying quality is expected, but some were great and others made me want to claw out my eyes.... 3.5 overall