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Angry Dog - Be My Bitch

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George tries his hardest to pick up at a sleazy bar, but picking up can be hard when you're a very small, very drunk dog!

Episode 5 of 7 of the Angry Dog series made in partnership with Aniboom.com. Followed by Angry Dog - Lizard Dome.

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rewatching those 10 years later now that i know english gives back even more joy. are you allowed to upload those to youtube?


real great video 10/10 good animation and real intense

I'm honestly thinking that this works better as a drama. I mean, it really does tell a fairly serious story. It kind of reminds me of "Bojack Horseman". I've never actually seen that show, but this reminds me of it. Of course a dog would talk about a bitch! His mother literally was one!

The animation is so great. Everything is just so smooth. I like to learn about the personal lives of these characters. The bear doesn't look morbidly obese. He just seems like a regular bear.

I don't know what's weirder to me, that Sexualobster censored all the swearwords in this video of which there is a copious abundance, that he did it with duck quacks, or that there is an actual sexual lobster in this video who may be the character from which his trade name is derived. Quite a chain of progress in that stretch from 2006 to 2010 though. Drastic improvement, to produce the finished, polished, fine-tuned machine that we know as Sexualobster today. I guess it is all not a big surprise since this one is in the middle of that development.

No spikeyguy777, you sillypants, you just saw a cat and a LOBSTER make out. A sexual lobster. Oh don't be so shocked. Dr. Zoidberg went for far stranger things than an anthropomorphic cat in his day.