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Author Comments

This movie differs from that of your average Newgrounds flash as it is steeped with metaphor and symbolism, so please watch with an open mind. Also note that the first half of this movie is completely void of sound.

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I like the sequencing and that, but I don't really see the message of it, except the evolution of life. So, can you please explain what this means?

Hmm, it was alright.

I liked the parts with the hands and the people at the end as it just created that sense of msytery really well and it got me intrigued by it, but apart from that it wasn't very interesting, the part with the lines was alright due to the fact that it was perfectly in time but everything else was just pretty boring, especially the start due to the fact that there was no noise. You really needed to have noise at the start as the silence just made it seem even more boring than it actually was, it wouldn't have been that great with music but it still would have been much better than it was. The rest of the action without the hands and people was poor because it wasn't really that visually entertaining and it wasn't anything new and it didn't fit in perfectly with the music like some of it did.

Peace Out, Afro Stud


Too bad...

adding sound at the beginning could've made it better


I have nothing against abstract art; I even do some of it myself. I must say, however, that this seemed to make less sense than Un Chien Andalau. The point of abstract art, as far as I see it, is to express an isolated feeling without the extraneous factors from environment which may effect it; however, as I didn't understand this movie, or connect with it on an emotional level, I think it could use work artistically.

Technically, it's good at parts, although I'm not sure why you used complete silence in the beginning; as John Cage observed, "complete silence" just means the background noise from wherever you are, which can vary quite a bit from computer to computer. Unless you intended this, I'd suggest getting a recording of ambient noise in a near-empty room and inserting it.

Don't understand

Neither the metaphor nor the symbolism. Yet nive movie, nice effects. Nice music.

Credits & Info

3.40 / 5.00

Aug 12, 2000
10:18 PM EDT