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Key Puncher 25 Points

Complete first 5 levels.

Systems Analyst 25 Points

Complete first 9 levels.

PROgrammer 50 Points

Complete Lighbot.

Author Comments

Now there's a new version available for iPhone, iPad and Android! Head to light-bot.com for download links!

Updated game to have MEDALS :D
Updated game to include SAVE + LOAD. Make sure you have cookies enabled =)

Combining the puzzle-genre and basic programming logic, your job is to control a mini robot through the factory and light it all up. Quite quickly you will realize that basic forward logic isn't going to get the job done, and soon enough you will start thinking with functions and creating intricate bot commands to achieve the ultimate goal.


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ok a little to hard but igt to level 4 and I can not pass

Pretty fun, but short game... However, the fact that the levels take a lot of time to complete makes up for it.. One complaint I have is that after coding my lightbot, he takes SO LONG to complete the code that I did.. I wish there was some kind of fast forward button. However, this is a minor complaint.. My only other complaint is the difficulty spike... It goes from normal to advanced pretty quickly.. I assume this is because there is only 12 levels, but there could've been some more spacing difficulty wise, in my opinion. All in all, it's a pretty good game.

level 6 is confusing using f1 and f2 please help and this is a nice medal game I thought was gonna be easy with trial and error till it got to the f1 and f2 place

I remember playing this game years ago when it had been available to iOS and Android. (those versions downloadable from there is a lot better and had better graphics, sounds and levels)
And so, in this version, needs to improve graphics and sounds - back then when it was on flash. This game is amazing and enhances logic!

I'm sure it's a fine game, but the way things operate and the rules of how things go are so convoluted that I spend most levels trying to figure out how to control the robot rather than how to beat the puzzle; especially with the Function1/2 options.

In most levels it's simply easier to be repetitive and spend an extra 10 minutes doing the whole thing than knitpicking the controls of exactly how you are to get everything to run.

It's irritating, to say the least, and if the shifty controls weren't bad enough, there's barely anything there to explain them, and nothing to actually explain HOW they work in conjunction, wherein my bot will follow the main commands and THEN the functions the first time, but upon repeating, without changing anything, it will perform functions and then commands.

If the 'puzzle' of this game is how to get your character to walk, good job, it's the best on the internet.