Sift With Shorty

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Here comes Vinnie's girlfriend with some high killing skills. Assisting Vinnie's in his kind of 'quest' to get any city rid of mafia or other criminal organizations is not an easy job. Shorty is an important character in Vinnie's life and well, find out why and how !

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Good, but...

I find the game has a few problems. First, it branches off from the games in the main part of the series. You're losing the first person sniping that made the series what it is. Secondly, lately you've put out games that have little to no storyline, which really does need fixing. Finally, the recoil is kind of rediculous. I'd say have her automatically bring the gun back to the height she fired it at to fix it.

The game itself was a good one, however. It was quite enjoyable. Good cusomization and nice skill upgrade system. Playing as Shorty is an interesting twist. Definately put up a sequel with more weapons and a good storyline.

I give you a 4 out of 5. good music, good graphics, interesting gameplay and system, but not quite worthy of the series just yet.


too much recoil and not in the true sift heads style you cant take away the first person bit and shes too slow moving the gun try making it move via the mouse itd be WAYYYYY betr

2 players

why dont u make a sift heads game with 2 players ?

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maybe there was that much recoil 'cuz she's not that strong?

n/e ways, awesome game.


I've shot a Desert Eagle before, but it didn't have THAT much recoil.

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3.72 / 5.00

Sep 9, 2008
12:25 PM EDT
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