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ok well, this is a flash about a ghost whos in love with a human. its short, and its kinda sloppy, but this is the first time ive ever done voice overs and mouth movement. so i really dont know what im doing, if any one has experiece with mouth movment and voice over, advise is much apreciatied. so this is more of a practice animation for later, i feel i need to learn this area of flash to, to become a great animatior one day. thanx for watching, and i know that this is different from most stuff on newgrounds these days, and its different from the poems i usually do. but please dont vote to hard on it. thank you :]

and if you wish to use the voice actors i used you can find them at http://voiceacting.proboa rds62.com/

so yeah thanx NG, oh i just realized i forgot to but the music in the credits, ahhh, ok well the guy who made the song was Jedadiah, Jedadiah sorry that i forgot to put you in the credits. :[

*edit* ok i should have said this here earlier, this wasnt supposed to be a real animation it was more of a test of stlye or practice, now i did use anime as reference but i did not copy directly, dont hate me for it sorry. i was never expecting to get much of a good score, and i dont want it to get any awards or anything, give those to more deserving artist, this was just practice, maybe i shouldnt have put it on here, sorry guys, if you really want to you dont have to keep it on here. i wouldnt want to make any one mad, bleck :[*

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That is pretty good. Also a bit sad yet sweet as well. Nice job!

wow, i love it, and the soundtrack is so peacefull .
sorry for bad ortography ( im sudamerican)


its a little sad and a good ending very good


really cool, maybe i can get a fic around this idea


The animation was actually pretty good. Very fluid, though the mouth syncing was off as you said, you'll get better over time.
The voices? The girl's was very clear and sounded the part. Had emotion and feeling.....The dude's? Not quite so. His voice was somewhat off and he just sounded more grumpy then depressed....Sounded like he had a cold and was nasally that day. Though it might because his mic quality was worse then hers but heck, I don't know how people work in flash.
The ending I kinda predicted because of how the dude seemed throughout the movie XD The girl was really good looking, but she looked like Rukia from bleach when you put her on headshots (No, not a gun. Yes. I know it sounds weird. No, I couldn't remember a better term. Yes, I mean only her head in the scene dammit.) Oh and the headcocking(Don't get me started ) on the guy at the beginning was unnecessary and just kinda made him look like he just spazzed a little. If anything, be more careful on how your characters move. Besides that and the car wreck scene, you're starting to get even better at this. Good luck on the future.

Jestercap13 responds:

wow great review, thanx, this is the kinda of comments i need lol. yeah ive learned alot form the mistakes a made in this one, this was a big jump for me and it came with many risks of failure, wich kinda happened but it helped me learn alot. so thanx again glad you kinda liked it lol.

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4.24 / 5.00

Sep 5, 2008
9:59 AM EDT