DS26: Pearl Temple

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Kinda short but, I still hope everyone enjoys this cuz it's probably my last flash ever!!! I'm moving this weekend to raleigh and i wont' have a computer till i start school and when i get it...i'll be using Maya to animate from there on.

Anyway this was just a little something to show how i've improved over the years in flash. I tried to use everything i could from motion guides, tweens, frame by frame, effects and so on.

The characters are me and my fiance Stephannie in a "Disney Dog" Form lol. Thus the name of the story...DS26....D for Dejay, S for Steph, and 26 for our anniversary lol. Corny I know!!


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Great job.

While I don't really care for the "Disney dogs" style, I really like the artwork, and the animation is good. I'm shocked this didn't get a front page, I just found it by luck. I feel bad that Newgrounds is losing a Flash artist. Does this mean that this is your last submission? I feel kind of bad I didn't notice before this, now. Good luck in Raleigh.

Beautiful but stiff...

I'll start off by saying I really like the designs, and color choices. There was good art direction, and the music fit well too. I see the purpose. Problem is, it didn't move much, and when it did move it was pretty stiff, also the still shots dragged on for a VERY long time. Work on making the animation a bit smoother and timing, and you'd be a candidate for back-to-back 4.0+'s. Peace.

FoxxSerene responds:

Thanks for the critique but this definitely isn't my best work...it's really more of a goodbye present. But thanks again and i'll do better stuff soon

Nice, but you can do better

I am going to be a bit mean here, but I also have alot good to say about it. Lets start with the good. The animation and drawings were amazing, looked very well done and captured that old school cartoon feel. So props there, the story was also cute in the sense of the characters and the love story. Now for the bad. The story wasn't very "clear", they see each other, jump around and end up at some random castle. Also I think the actual character animations could have used some work to, it looked choppy from time to time. Over all, I think it was well done, and I do hope this isn't you're last one, cause I could see you becoming a great flash artist.

FoxxSerene responds:

Thanks alot for the comment and critique. But i really think this is my last flash animation. Sorry i couldn't impress you guys more but hey lol....it was just some animation i put together in 12 hours! thanks again though

Really nice

Man, this animation rocks. The "Disney dogs" looked really cool, and the animation was really smooth. It's a pity you're leaving Flash animation for now, because you really have a talent for it.
Keep it up.

Pretty cool!

Great display of art skill. The drawings were good, however I thought the animation was a tad jerky. That's the only bit that let it down, but still 10/10!

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2.94 / 5.00

Sep 4, 2008
4:15 AM EDT