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Hexiom Connect

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Based on the original Hexiom, now you must rearrange the tiles to light up all the color coded connections.

Features 40 levels of increasing difficulty, plus a highly configurable random level generator and an editor for you to create levels to share with others.

Shift-click a tile to mark it, so you can keep track of which tiles you think are in their correct positions.
If you're having trouble distinguishing the colors, turn on color blind mode on the main menu.


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custom level: uTClLqrPcLwtCbwMkNebpCqTgUCSncCgbMu

Very fun and entertaining game, though I never figure out why developers insist on putting timers or error markers or anything denoting how quickly or easily you solved the puzzle in their game.

Nobody likes them. If you take too long/make too many mistakes, you feel stupid. If you're fast/make few mistakes, you kick yourself for not being faster/making fewer.

Star demoted just for that, because it really does take fun out of the game if every time you look in the corner you feel stupid.

Yes I did take a long time on certain puzzles. Yes I am bitter.


good game

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Severely Addictive and Mind Melting

I love it. More?