EX-Ken vs. Akuma

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EDIT: Thanks for your review guys, and even the negative ones, but some of you dumbshits, made pointless ones, but whatever.
EDIT: Thanks for the collection add!
Guys I know this isn't really my style but I just wanted to try things out, I'll go for classic next time.
I have been inactive for awhile with a full length flash so I decided to make one.
I recommending putting the quality to LOW if it seems slow.
I did not intend for this to be a sequel to Ryu vs. SAkuma(Shin Akuma)
It's not really a sequel either, and I meant this movie to be for less talk more action.
EX-Ken and Akuma duke it out to the death.
EX-Ken is a beefed up version of Ken with extra moves.
I got some of his sprites from zweifuss, and some from MUGEN Master Ken.
If you like it favorite it or review.
I love hearing your feedback.
But please if it is criticism, make it detailed, not like "OMFG YOUR HORRIBLE"
I won the bet Slicing-Claws!!!!!
I think that's it.


its okay i guess...

but seriously like what Zero2562130 says, the gray color beam just doesn't seem to fit in, maybe if u switch it to red or blue?

Same goes for the crisis core intro especially the end, how is conflict resolved anyway? Akuma will just pick himself up and then train more, own ken, and ken will train more and maybe own akuma back, its not gona be resolved especially, since there's isn't any conflict to begin with, it was more like akuma was walking down the street and he see ken, ken see akuma and lets fight it out... and after that rinse and repeat...

About the Intro, u might want to draw it so that ken is about to execute that attack since it looks pretty strange that after u click play, his attack continue, its like wow, time stopped and they are just staying there, waitin for the button to be click, real strange

Like what the others have been saying, the attack rhythm is pretty off, its like they are just sitting there and ken say come on, attack me please? i will not interrupt you, i am just gona stand here and wait for your attack, and akuma says okie dokey, here comes a fireball, get ready to hit it back, k?
ken: okay, on 3, u fire the ball,and i hit it back.
ken: 3
akuma: fires the projectile
ken stands there, drinking a glass of coffee
ken: here comes the ball
ken hit it back
akuma: ouch, u hit me >.<

repeat for the rest of the flash and sorry if these sounds like a bunch of boring crap and that i am being harsh and for that i apologise,

Good thing about this is that its a sprite and sprite isn't easy, if it is remotely like j2me... and also the music seems to fit in with the show, so good hope and hope u improve on the next flash. =D

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azn-sk8er-dude responds:

Good review, thanks man, this normaly isn't my sort of style at all. Check out Angel Ryu vs Evil Ryu, I think that's the type of fighting you would like.



azn-sk8er-dude responds:

SOLDIER Theme song from the Crisis Core OST


ok i didnt engoy this as much as evil ryu vs angel ryu but it was still very good
the bad things were that it was a bit short and a bit slow
apart form that awsome flash and ty for putting me in the credits!!!

azn-sk8er-dude responds:

No Prob Man.

i thought it was awesome, love that look for ken


I like the shoryuken spin idea at the end but something was wrong with it.

And why did you change the song? 4/5 8/10

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Sep 2, 2008
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