EX-Ken vs. Akuma

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EDIT: Thanks for your review guys, and even the negative ones, but some of you dumbshits, made pointless ones, but whatever.
EDIT: Thanks for the collection add!
Guys I know this isn't really my style but I just wanted to try things out, I'll go for classic next time.
I have been inactive for awhile with a full length flash so I decided to make one.
I recommending putting the quality to LOW if it seems slow.
I did not intend for this to be a sequel to Ryu vs. SAkuma(Shin Akuma)
It's not really a sequel either, and I meant this movie to be for less talk more action.
EX-Ken and Akuma duke it out to the death.
EX-Ken is a beefed up version of Ken with extra moves.
I got some of his sprites from zweifuss, and some from MUGEN Master Ken.
If you like it favorite it or review.
I love hearing your feedback.
But please if it is criticism, make it detailed, not like "OMFG YOUR HORRIBLE"
I won the bet Slicing-Claws!!!!!
I think that's it.


Not Bad.

It was pretty good. I really enjoyed the animation, but it was clear that you got some of your inspiration from MK v SF. This bothered me slightly because some scenes looked like you took an idea from MK v SF and put it in your own flash without changing it or modifying it at all. Other then that, the animation was excellent, and the fight was entertaining. Just try to not overuse slow motion, and don't make your characters use such cool moves with the lightning right in the beginning, try to hold out. Good Job.

azn-sk8er-dude responds:

I don't know how I got any inspiration from him in the animation, but I did to start animating.

Not bad.

Not bad at all. I have a few small complaints: the buttons at the beginning weren't so good and the "story" was in a big chunk so I didn't really want to read it (try splitting it up, small sections are good)

Although, I would like to see it at double speed, and twice as long!
Keep working like this, and you will do well.

azn-sk8er-dude responds:

I don't know how that would raise my score to a 6 but, thanks anyway!

Hm. Need to step it up a bit.

I know that I can't expect everyone to animate sprites at the level Proxide does it, but you'd learn a LOT from his SF vs MK 3. I watched your 'Ryu vs. SAkuma' before I watched this, just to see what changes you made, and I'm going to be reviewing both flashes on this single comment, so I hope you read this.

The dialogue was weird in the first one, though I can understand you've taken that out now. The fight was choppy, and the bouncing off walls and all of it seemed like a copy of Proxide. The fight rhythm was good, but the moving of the screen up to badly edited backgrounds? And also the bouncing of the walls, when clearly at the beginning there was no wall? I don't get it. However, the fight rhythm was good, though the ending was... disapointing.

I thought this one was a step down. You obviously grabbed a few new sprites, and that's okay, but it didn't fit in. You seemed to want to put in way too many specials that weren't even... great. We want to see a fight with special moves mixed in, not a fight of special moves. And if we DO see special moves, we want to see them as stylish and original, not single fireballs, big fireballs, or single kicks. We want COMBOS.

It was way too slow. The rhythm of this fight was worse than your other fight. Put the rhythm and comboes back into this fight, less supers, and you'll be well on your way.

azn-sk8er-dude responds:

This was a fight to sorta test my special skills. I haven't been good at them. Check Angel Ryu vs Evil Ryu for intense fighting. I appreciate your constructive criticism.

wow. i mean WOW

best sprite fighting iv seen in a long time the fight started off good but could have speeded up a bit not to much so its like dbz or somthing would just ruin it but i enjoyed it keep up the good work

the fight

was ok good choreography but way too slow. akuma would never loose to ken anyway. and the crisis core style intro and ending didnt seem to fit.

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Sep 2, 2008
12:01 AM EDT