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Momentum Missile Mayhem 3

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Well.. its finally here, the third installment of Momentum Missile Mayhem series.

Press 'space' to pause the game and access the menu.
Press 'Q' to adjust quality.
If the game lags too much - set quality to LOW, go to
OPTIONS and turn the SCREEN TREMOR off.

Feel free to put this game on your site if you want to, no need to ask me - I don't mind :P

The DOWNLOAD link is finally working!

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I have to give you credit for creating a really cool fast paced game! What I thought was coolest was how good the graphics are. Everything just moved so fast it was hard to keep up. This is the kind of game where you have to go back and try all sorts of new things. It's a bit too complicated and while not the bet in the series, still great. I appreciate the wonderfully colorful designs of everything.

It was so much fun to watch those guys bump into each other and explode. Sometimes, you're not even trying and you still get to beat them up! I don't quite understand how this game works. It looks like the thing you're protecting is fighting against them, but I think they're winning that way. Anyway, this is a very good game.


hey dude, you should make this game an App for the iPad or iTouch it would be really awesome

loved tne 2nd one -.-

ok pardon my french BUT FUCK THE ARTILLERY MODE! so hard and irritating when your doing the 'specific target' mode. go back to what the 2nd one was dude

must kill more!

this game is too fun!!!

Too many problems.

First off, this is no sequel. It's a completely different game, you should give it a different title. I'll start by addressing the good/bad parts of each weapon.

Mobile gravity manipulator: It's a nice weapon, but it's hard to use early on because of the lack of control after they hit something, and the fact it is difficult to damage anything with it in the first map. In a good map and with the right upgrades, it becomes fun.

Gravity disc: Hey, this thing was fun with the right upgrades. A little slow at first, but then it became one of may favorite weapons. Until I came to a level where each time I used shockwave it would go off screen, no matter WHERE I fired it. Frustrating.

Singularity cannon: I liked it at first, it gives a unique playstyle. However, when I came to the "disadvantage" level, where my cannon was placed in an area prone to suicide nukes, it got frustrating, really, really fast. What was I supposed to do? Max shield wasn't going to protect me from a nuke, my primary weapon DREW THE TANK CLOSER TO ME, my secondary weapon didn't push it back at all (it really should) , and my homing mines DIDN'T TARGET IT, and prefered to hit other targets, causing explosions that sent the nuke tank flying into me.

Artillery: Honestly the worst. It wasn't fun trying to predict where the tanks would be EXACTLY. Predicting where 20 tanks will be after an explosion is even worse, I would set up some shots but a tank would unexpectedly explode, sending the others out of my range for my shots. It was easier to just set up lines of explosions for where the tanks COULD be, or just send in a nuke for every group with more then 4 tanks.

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4.32 / 5.00

Aug 31, 2008
3:44 PM EDT