Breaking the Bank

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NOTE: You can play the SWF version by pressing SWF to the left of this window.
[4/25/09] - No way!! Front Page!?! I'm still in shock! Thank you so much!

The sequel is out! Watch it here: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/533001

Man am I LAZY! It's been almost a year since I submitted anything! Well, here it is!
This movie is done in a similar style to my first video: "Crossing the Pit". This time, the guy tries to break into a bank.

NOTE! DO NOT CLICK THE DISGUISE until the end. It leads to the credits.

If you leave a review, please also tell me which part was your favorite--I always like to know. Additionally, if you have any suggestions on improvement, those would also be appreciated.

EDIT: Daily 5th! My first award! Awesome!


When I came back to play the originals. I realized this was very bland, but since your games have increased in quality over these years, I felt a wave of nostalgia for some apparent reason, thanks for being a part of my childhood.

Very entertaining a great star to the series.

Ah yes, the start of something good...
...and also the start of the Henry Stickmin series!

Made after the not so first game in the series, 'Crossing the Pit' (that one was a prototype that will later evolve to the Henry Stickmin character.) that was back when the stickman characters has no hands, and shoes, which won't later be a thing until the second part of the Henry Stickmin series, 'Escaping the Prision'.

To think that this whole situation of Henry Stickmin escaping through various prisions (except for the airship one. You know, with the Top Hat Clan? He either teamed up with Charles, joined the Top Hat Clan, tooked down the Top Hat Clan, and found a vault that has a teddy bear in it.), all started with breaking into a bank? Yes! :-D

I guess all of the adventures of Henry Stickmin started with just one simple crime: getting into a money sack to access the vault! Now I get why the Money Bag was the correct evidence in the Phoenix Wright path in "Escaping the Prison"!

BTW it's old, but whatever! I'm doing this because I'm already interested in the Henry Stickmin games I play on mobile!

PuffballsUnited responds:

Yeah there's a reason I didn't make a mobile version of this one.

To think I'd never played the original. :) Just as awesome as the newer ones, albeit a bit simpler... playing this now I'm reminded of how awesome an addition the medal feature was on new games *hint hint*, but other than that this was great. As entertaining and randomly consequential as always. Great work!


PuffballsUnited responds:

I never expected it to get this big haha

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Aug 27, 2008
9:24 PM EDT
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