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There She Is!! step4

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Hi, this is amalloc of SamBakZa.

This one has different color than before.
If you didn't see this series before, I recommend that see the first episode ~ step3 first.
I wish you have a good time with this short animation.
The full title is "There She Is!! step4 - paradise"

There is one last episode left.
Thank you NG and all fans.

I can't believe this. 4.71 - what is this number? (^^;;)
Honestly, I was afraid of that people dosn't like "step4" than before, because it's too serious.
I read the comments. Thank you all.
Please be with me until the end of series.


Usually awesome!

I like your series very much! It's among the best here.
You have a unique style and story, which gave your creations spirit, and this spirit attracts your viewers, as you can see :)
Though you submitted your work not long ago, it will be on the frontpage, I can say for sure! :D

I'm waiting for the next one, eagerly!


I'm a new user so I never saw any there she is! step
this is my first one so here is my impression
from the beginning to the very end the animation is stunning, facial expressions manage to show us the character's feelings without using any words
The plot in creative and it certainly criticize our world and the racism
It's a great story that unfortunately starts very slow and boring but obviously gets better as time goes on
The characters are also unique
I never saw a cat (or somethin like it) date a rabbit ( or something like it) that has an animal pet (that i forgot the name), its very diferent to see these animals live in such a real world
So i wish i could give 9.5, but i can't
so I'm giving 9 just because of the slow start
anyway that was a great flash and for certain, one of the year's best


one of the best flashes on newgrounds easily.
it was powerful and moving without being too preachy :)

wow thats deep

this movie reminds me in a way of Romeo and Juliet. It's sad sad enough to make you cry...********** 10 stars!!!


I listen to many foreign bands, but the only Korean one that I listen to is Drunken Tiger. But now that I hear the music from this episode, it really grew on me; therefore I am certainly going to start listening to Tabu! Thanks for broadening my mental library of artists!

I have seen all of the parts, starting with the first, and eventually ending on the next and final installment. To be quite honest I didn't know what to expect until I read reviews for this part, and many explained how sad it made them feel. Sam, you definitely have a way with connecting with the audience and it's that kind of script writing and plot depth that people want not only in flash movies, but in feature length films as well; and unfortunately there really isn't much of that left anymore, neither in theatres or online.

All of the parts were fantastic with the emotion, and the way you could convey that through body language and facial expressions. This part, in my opinion, was the one that should definitely connect more with the audience than the other three. Your script writing makes up for any flaws that may have been in the flash from the beginning, and it's nice that through animation you are taking a stand for interracial couples, and all I have to say to that is; bravo.

I'm with you :]

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Aug 24, 2008
11:54 AM EDT
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