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There She Is!! step4

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Hi, this is amalloc of SamBakZa.

This one has different color than before.
If you didn't see this series before, I recommend that see the first episode ~ step3 first.
I wish you have a good time with this short animation.
The full title is "There She Is!! step4 - paradise"

There is one last episode left.
Thank you NG and all fans.

I can't believe this. 4.71 - what is this number? (^^;;)
Honestly, I was afraid of that people dosn't like "step4" than before, because it's too serious.
I read the comments. Thank you all.
Please be with me until the end of series.


The Only Problem

The only problem I have with most really well rated, well animated, cartoons on newgrounds is a complete lack of style and unfortunately this is no exception. The other major problem is usually sound quality - but not in this cartoon :)

Well animated, nice and fluid, nice compositions. Good music. Good sound quality. All around a good cartoon by most standards but lacking in originality to the utmost. And to be fair, the BACKGROUNDS do have their own style, and I enjoyed them very much.

But, It seems to me like no one puts 'themselves' into their character designs. It might just be a personal preference but I still feel it needs to be said. I understand the need for simplicity when animating a character but it seems to me that the same basic style is all you ever see on newgrounds.

White eyes no pupils, I'm am SICK TO DEATH of this style. It is an ugly style and it has been done to death on newgrounds. Done to DEATH. I understand no one wants to animate mouths and pupils. Pupils are much easier and less time consuming than mouths. If you have to pick one, pick mouths.

Anyways, still a good cartoon. If the characters were designed in an original style I would have no problems giving it a 8. And if it also 'engaged' me more, maybe got its expression across a bit clearer, coupled with an original style, I'd be an easy 10.

It wouldn't take much alteration for me to really love this work, and I'm a fan of previous steps.

Anyways, sorry for being harsh but hopefully my opinion has helped, thank you,

- IEatBabies


not the cat-bunny relationship... over???
Wait... another bad set of news??? There she is!!! ending soon?
OMG!!! This was my fave series!!!

So Sad...

Oh my gosh...that was really deppressing. The fact that he doesn't want her to get hurt results in him leaving her, that is so touching. And the poor little hedgehog, so sad!!! I can't believe that the thugs are on the good side after all. I must say, keep up the amazing work, you really send a great message to everyone.


A rather significant departure

This cartoon is a rather significant departure from your previous ones, and I think some people might be upset with it as a result. While all the previous episodes have been quite upbeat and positive, this one takes quite the dark turn. I think that's what you meant by "This one has a different color than before."

I'm not saying this as a criticism, quite the contrary actually. I think this is fantastic. You've explored the beginning of their relationship, and now you're illustrating its consequences. Doki (the rabbit) is coming down to earth a bit now, realizing just how much their society is against this relationship. And Nabi's actions are socially unclear. It seems that he might be breaking up with Doki in order to protect her, but it could be that he can't take the pressure of a relationship he was reluctant to start.

I very much look forward to the conclusion. You've created a very modern story with these cats and rabbits and I can't wait to see how it all turns out.

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Super Step


All 5s from me and of course a 10 on the stars.
hell I'd give a 100 stars for this.
verydramatic and deep. I can't wait to see how this thing ends. I do hope it ends well for the both og them and hope happness awaits them both in paradise.
lol....thank you for the entertaiment. I didn't have to watch this to know it belongs in my favorites. the entir movie I watched on the edge of my seat lol

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