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It's not for entertainment, I wanna have comments of game creators on this.
Use arrow keys to move...


Giving you a 2

I just like to say, thats not bad, but I noticed a few things, when its againsted the gery ball, when your in front of the gery ball, the gery ball always goes on top of the pink ball no matter what.

But all in all, its good for a mini test engine!!!

wow, a bouncing ball

Ok, This is a great engine for a game, you should use it along with other things like extra computer operated 'balls'.

not bad!

This could turn out to be a nifty game! The map thing in the corner is cool. My only problem is the movement. Pressing up doesn't necessarily make the character go up, but at some kind of angle. It's like trying to play Q*bert (I never was very good at that game anyway). Keep working on it though - I can't wait to see the finished product!

If that is actual z simulation

Then thats preaty sweet.

tidily81 responds:

Uuh, z simulation?
I see...
(is somebody else know what's he's talking about?)

Can you do me a favor?

Can u send this to me in the .fla format?
I am a NEW game creater and i would like to know how to make walls. It would be GREATLY appreciated.
My email adress is Tan_man6@hotmail.com

Thank you

tidily81 responds:

Sorry dude, I neva see this kind of game in flash before...
Feel free to e-mail me at bobepinne@hotmail.com I can tell you if you're on the right way to do this or maybe give you some hints. Anyway even if you had seen it you could not understand it.. it's damn complicated..

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2.80 / 5.00

Feb 26, 2002
6:54 AM EST
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